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Sword and the Pythia

a spiritual fantasy novel

Sword and the Pythia

An oath to the Almighty can never be broken…

Even for the love of a woman…

Othniel deKharouf, a mighty spiritual warrior, assembles the “Seven” high priests of the Nazarites to make war against the four angels from the abyss who come to herald the rise of the antichrist, and stop a prophecy made by God since the Garden of Eden…

This novel takes readers in the middle of an epic spiritual war takes place across the planet, leading to battles never before contemplated by man or angel. The war fought in the magnitude of the ancient prophecies of the Book of Revelation.

In the midst of conspiracy and a titanic spiritual war, Uziel and Ariella—two modern day Nazarite warriors—are anointed to join the fight against the four mighty angels and their spiritual armies.

When Ariella is taken captive by enemy spiritual forces and led to an Egyptian oasis to fulfill a dreadful prophecy, Uziel must decide whether he will fulfill his vow to the Almighty, or save the woman he loves.

In desperation, Uziel breaks his oath to God…

Fighting against angelic principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places, Uziel enters the strongholds of the spiritual enemy to save Ariella.


Join the fight

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