Baltazar vs USA haters

My war against the USA haters who are at war against our Republic, our culture, and our way of life.

Erroneous—US Citizens, Not the Virus, Make the Pandemic War’s Timeline

On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, asserted that the virus, not humans—will determine “the timeline” for the pandemic war we are engaged in.   Listen …

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Baltazar Bolado American Storyteller

Wuhan Military Region—The PLA Blood Trail Leading to COVID-19

With President Trump mobilizing the National Guard in multiple states and warning of further restrictions, adding to the restrictions already imposed in several other states, there seems to be a …

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COVID-19—A Programmed Microorganism in a Military Smart Bug War?

War is a complex happening, with a twisted structure.   The war we fight now is further complicated, perhaps beyond the scope of any other war, due to its germ …

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CNN—Faux Blood News During the Pandemic War

With the country embroiled in a war of indefinite dimensions, with people struggling against the added stress of financial loss, or even ruin, with people becoming ill, and even dying, here …

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