Magnificent Journey—The Odyssey of Voyager I and II

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After all this time.


Thirty-seven years, to be exact.


And, with a push of a button, a flick of a switch, a set of backup thrusters, not used since 1980, have awakened.


Your thrusters worked perfectly.


Whenever we’ve asked of you, you’ve always delivered.


You—Voyager I and II—are two of the biggest inspirations in my life.  You’ve given me hope, and promised all of us a brighter tomorrow.


Not because of what you’ve achieved, or what you, perhaps, might achieve in the future.  But because of all the things you allow humanity to hope for.


I believe we will one day reach the stars.


I also believe that you will reach them too.  Conceivably, before us.


I know you’re just metal, and a series of components and mechanisms.  But to me, you are so much more.


I wish you safe travels.


I—the Great American Storyteller—bid you Godspeed.


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