3 Impeachment Stories Worth Reading

3 Impeachment Stories Worth Reading

When it comes to politics, the United States has seen its fair share of drama and conspiracies—after all, it isn’t easy being a superpower of the world.

Amid all the political turmoil, the moments that stand out are the impeachment of United States presidents.

Here’s a list of all the U.S. presidents that have been impeached, and the events that led to the moment.

White House

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was the first sitting president to face impeachment in the history of the United States.

The events that led to his impeachment proceedings began when he removed the Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, and breached the Tenure of Office Act. At first, the former president had simply suspended Stanton, but when he tried to find a replacement, that’s when Congress intervened and reinstated Stanton.

Three days later, the House of Representatives met and impeached Johnson because he had violated a law.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton B/W

The second president subjected to impeachment proceedings was Bill Clinton, whose administration was riddled with scandals and investigations since his tenure began in the White House.

In addition to that, Paula Jones had filed a sexual harassment case against the former president, and rumors of his affair with his secretary, Monica Lewinsky, began surfacing around the same time. Even though Clinton testified against these allegations and denied having an affair, when incriminating evidence about the affair came to light, it quickly became clear that the former president had perjured himself.

In December 1998, the House of Representatives impeached Clinton on three articles, putting an end to his legacy.

Donald Trump

Perhaps one of the most controversial presidents to ever sit in the White House to this day, Donald Trump, is the third president to sit for impeachment proceedings on accounts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

An impeachment inquiry was launched by the House of Representatives, following a whistleblower complaint that highlighted the abuse of power at the hands of the president. Trump vehemently denied any allegations.

However, when the number of votes for conviction was less than 67 the president escaped impeachment.

Donald Trump

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