$400 Million Ransom Payment

$400 Million Ransom Payment


On August 4th—a mere two weeks ago—this president, assuming the air of the honorable, took on the image of a fraud.

Standing at the rostrum, he spoke with self-righteous agitation to the press corps about the dangers of paying ransom for the release of the hostages.

To say the performance was convincing is a matter of opinion.

I will say, it was an act.  A routine all too familiar to the US Citizen.

I refer to it as a manufactured performance—devious and fraudulent—all the more so in light of State Department spokesman John Kirby’s press briefing revelation.

When asked: “In basic English, you’re saying you wouldn’t give them $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct?”

“That’s correct,” Kirby replied.

Definition of Ransom: money that is paid in order to free someone who has been captured or kidnapped.

So now, after all the deceit, after all the shyster rhetoric and ploys, after eight years of premeditated cultural destruction, this raggabrash president has lowered us to the role of ransom-payer.

Worse than this—he’s not even a competent liar.

The dangerous precedent of our government using the US Citizens’ money to pay ransom to a reprobate nation that not only supports and harbors Islamic terrorists, but has sworn an eternal oath to destroy us, fits a president who has provided support to many USA haters every chance he’s had.

Beyond the twisted scope of a failed, dangerous foreign policy, our Republic could be faced with the reality of a greater menace.

Having to endure more of the same, for another four years.

Having the model to follow, if she is elected, Clinton will follow along the exact course of fraud laid out for the past eight years.

It is likely she will be even worse.

The New York Post extract is below.


“We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future,” the president told reporters, speaking of the Jan. 17 payment and hostage release.

Families “know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom. And the notion that we would somehow start now, in this high-profile way, and announce it to the world, even as we’re looking in the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage, and saying to them ‘We don’t pay ransom,’ defies logic,” Obama added at the time.

He lectured the press for even raising the issue. 

“It’s been interesting to watch this story surface. Some of you may recall, we announced these payments in January. Many months ago. There wasn’t a secret. We announced them to all of you. [Press secretary Josh Earnest] did a briefing on them. This wasn’t some nefarious deal,” the president said. “It wasn’t a secret. We were completely open with everybody about it and it is interesting to me how suddenly this became a story again.”



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