90%—China’s Pharmaceutical Stranglehold and The Collaborating US Nonessential Politician

90%—China’s Pharmaceutical Stranglehold and The Collaborating US Nonessential Politician

Less than 48 hours since my blog on Monday mapping China’s antibiotic defense strategy against the unleashed COVID-19, new reports surfaced out of China that an antibiotic breakthrough was close.

This comes as no surprise.

I’m living in a creation of the Chinese Government.

It’s not a conspiracy theory.  Go to the store, and you witness for yourself that our country’s dying.

How do I know it’s China’s Government behind the entire thing?

Because I don’t need to be kicked in the head over and over to realize I’m being kicked in the head, over and over.

Let us ask: Who’s gained the most since the COVID-19 nightmare was unleashed on the world?

Let me spell it out:

China is the global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 90% of the market in synthetic chemicals and drugs, prepared medicines, medical devices, apparatus and instruments, and pharmaceutical machinery.

It gets worse.

China accounts for 95% of US imports of ibuprofen, hydrocortisone, and acetaminophen.  Decisively, 90% of the US supply of antibiotics are made in China.

To close out the list, 50% of US imports of penicillin and heparin come from China.

Aside from the pharmaceutical stranglehold China possesses over the US and the world, the Chinese Government’s socialist pathology is in direct contradiction to our Republic’s way of life and our capitalist culture.

While the loss of life in our country is tragic, the loss of the economic explosion we were experiencing is also devastating to our way of life.

If you don’t believe so, just ask yourself: How am I going to feed my family?  How am I going to keep a roof over the heads of my children?

If you still think I’m penning conspiracy theories, do nothing, shutter at home, and listen to the lies of China’s collaborators in our country telling you that you’re a nonessential to our country’s health and wellbeing.

The US worker is the number one essential component to our country’s survival.

The mealy-mouthed, double-talking US politician, on the other hand, is the nonessential.



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