A Destined Stand—A Call to the Modern American Patriots

A Destined Stand—A Call to the Modern American Patriots

Taking a knee is not American.

Only a leftist/socialist/democrat (LSD) like O’Rourke, or the twisted minds of the radicals who have taken over the democratic party and destroyed all but remnants of liberalism, would think so.

Our Founders showed us what it is to be American.

When confronted with injustices they didn’t take a knee in 1776.  When people were pushed up against the wall and their liberty was threatened, they stood like Patriots and made a stand.

The warmth of peace gives all citizens comfort.  But only Liberty can give flavor and blessing to peace.  Without liberty the idea of the United States of America would die.

Destiny Calls To Us

Liberalism is not an enemy to our country.

The political LSD movement emerging out of a rat hole within the democratic party is.

The LSD movement radicals are belligerent and are pursuing their ideological objectives militantly.

They are dangerous and a powder keg on the verge of violently exploding.

If Cruz wins in Texas, it is certain that they will use the same tactics they’ve used in DC against President Trump and declare Senator Cruz an illicit, unconstitutional senator.

They will use every means necessary to accomplish their objectives, regardless of the cost, irrespective of the consequences.

Mark my words: they will not go peacefully into the night.  They have poured in tons of money into the Texas senatorial race because they are testing the models they will be using in every coming election, in every state.

If our Republic is to endure, we must make a stand, not take a knee.

The LSD movement will not allow us to exist if we are weak.  Only in strength can we make a stand.  Only in strength can our Republic be.

We are the saviors of this generation.

Destiny calls to us.


Photos  Doug Maloney and Danica Tanjutco


Author of: https://baltazarbolado.com/book/publius-liberatas-aut-mors/


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