Abnormal Prevaricators and Depraved Media Activists

Abnormal Prevaricators and Depraved Media Activists


The media’s ruse to  “dig up” a twenty year old “charge” levied against Donald Trump’s campaign CEO Stephen Bannon is another deplorable example of pseudo journalistic propaganda at its absolute lowest form.

This is no longer 1st Amendment protected speech.

He was “charged” during a divorce.

“Charged” never even tried, certainly never convicted.

By who?

A soon to be ex-wife, going through an emotional episode.

20 years ago.

Worse yet, when it came time to go to trial, she—the ex-wife (accuser)—NEVER EVEN SHOWED UP IN COURT TO FIGHT.

There’s been a saying in previous elections (state and federal) that has been heard many times during this presidential election. “I don’t like the choices. Why don’t better people run for office?”

This is why we can’t get quality people to run for office.

The propaganda, leftist media fascists, controlled by a core of agenda driven globalists, can dig up and spill ink about a charge that not only took place 20 years prior—IT WAS NEVER EVEN TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW.

Anyone running for elected office should be subject to all levels of scrutiny on behalf of the US Citizens.

However, no part of the intensive searching should be biased, slanted, or skewed toward one party, and one ideology.

If Bannon would have been convicted, at least “tried” in court, such information is relevant.

To simply lay allegation, with nothing more than a “charge” by someone who is going through divorce, someone who didn’t even proceed to trial to support their accusation—further yet, to “dig up” said charge from 20 years ago—is the sickening level of excrement these media fascist hawks submit as journalism.

Anything that takes flight out of their backside, or descends to areas far lower and baser, is free game to these morbid creatures of paper, ink, and media perversion.

The above is bad enough.

When the media is controlled by leftist extremists, socialistic campaigners, and conglomerate organizations that are motivated to support one party, one ideology, and are wholly against another—it ceases to be journalism.

Such perfidious fraud journalism, relentless in its degenerate pursuits, can only be labeled propaganda.

As long as these media reprobates hold our political system hostage, working day and night to manipulate and tamper with elections, attacking any and all who refuse to subscribe to the preconditions of the power brokers and king makers, we will never have higher quality candidates run for office.

In the same belief that we need to “clean up” DC and throw out the warped and twisted politicians who have lied to us and devastated our Republic, so we must “clean up” our perverted media structure and throw out the abnormal prevaricators and depraved media activists who have made a mockery of our sacred 1st Amendment.


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