Asian War—Dershowitz, Mens Rea, and the Slow Minded Schiff

Asian War—Dershowitz, Mens Rea, and the Slow Minded Schiff

Getting into a mens rea case against Dershowitz is like prosecuting a war in Asia.

It’s the wrong move by the democrats, especially in an impeachable argument, which allows so much leeway and defensible space for the defendant.

Moreover, the democrats allowed Dershowitz and Cruz to manipulate the impeachment from a case of trial and prosecution, into a hypothetical meander and zigzag.

Only an unexceptional, mediocre mind like Schiff would be so simpleminded as to allow such a maneuver to be permitted.

Rather than hammer toward fact and verdict, sluggish minded Schiff allowed the defense to move the court to conjectural and supposition, and “if” to rule the day.

Ever tried to catch a chicken barehanded in a pen?

Bill Clinton also used the word “if” to rule over the courtroom in his impeachment circus.



It was going to be hard enough for a condemnation and removal from office with Bolton’s assertions, since he was “fired” from his position and disgruntled former employees have been known to become active shooters in their former place of employment.  For the democrats to allow the republicans to maneuverer the courtroom into the realm of “if”, and the phases of mens rea to come into play, is a colossal blunder and will further anger the electorate, many who already believe our tax money has long been flushed down the toilet by the simple democratic minds.

Photos: Bill Oxford, Maarten van den Heuvel

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