At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming—The Leftists’ Insidious Attack on Our Constitution

At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming—The Leftists’ Insidious Attack on Our Constitution

The Republic of the United States of America is the same country it has always been.

In light of recent horrific events, many people—celebrities, comedians, and, worst of all, politicians—have suggested that, somehow, our country is no longer the country it once was.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The problem is that nowadays it is quite all right, even expected, to attack our country for anything and everything, rather than looking at those who are directly responsible for the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas.

The problem is not our country.

The problem is the numerous insidious forces and organizations who have coordinated their efforts to change, even destroy our culture, and the country it gave rise to.

From lack of assimilation of the legal immigrants, and even the illegal aliens, who have entered our borders, to not protecting our borders, to the outright attacks against the very fabric of our culture, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, our USA culture is under constant attack.

Although enough of the Constitution remains to provide some freedom, it is obvious to most that our liberty is no longer what it once was.

In other words—If the Constitution had not been under constant attack, and not been successfully altered in recent years, by the conniving strategies and tactics of certain treacherous entities, the Republic of the United States would be the same as it was in 1776.

It is not too late.

Innocent life was tragically lost in Las Vegas.  The evil act of a mentally ill person who devised a diabolical plan to gun down unarmed and defenseless US Citizens.

The United States is not responsible—evil and hatred are to blame.

Altering our Constitution—thereby altering our culture and way of life—is to blame.

It is these same individuals, who have fought and crafted agendas to change our way of life and alter our Constitution, who then stand in condemnation and judge our country, and make claims that it has changed for the worse.

We must fight to recover and restore our culture before it is too late.

At this moment, there are forces at work striving to repeal the Second amendment—the very focus of their efforts all along.

So, as another part of our Constitution is under attack, and another threat to alter its original content is underway, we must not heed the voices who deem themselves more intelligent and wise than our Founders, who originally crafted the sacred document which gave birth to the greatest country in the history of humanity.

The Republic of the United States has not changed.

For years, evil entities, and malicious forces have been driven to change it.

If our Republic is to survive—we must not let them.


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