Causality Loops—Salvation from Out of Nothingness

Causality Loops—Salvation from Out of Nothingness

Emergence Theory Series

Immeasurable Absolution

General Relativity prescribes mathematics for time travel and Causality Loops.  Because Emergence Theory is attempting to articulate the elusive “Theory of Everything” it needs to fuse General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics into a coherent language that science can comprehend and digest.

In the past, science has often scorned at the prospect of Causality loops, predestination removing the chance and randomness science habitually clings to.

Mathematically, causality loops can appear as closed loops that can fulfill—infinitely—a precise sequence of events.  However, higher technology, within an unfathomable event horizon, can render an alternate sequence of events, thereby translating a new event into eternity.

Such a precise causality loop offers explanation to salvation.

To fathom the sum of redemption in our reality cannot be realized because the technology required to accomplish absolution is not measurable in our existence.

The Cup vs Transference

Salvation is not transference.  Such a process could easily be detected and contested in the heavenly court of the Almighty.  Transference is an ugly mess that could never accomplish such mathematical perfection.

Salvation comes from a perfect sacrifice, the sacrifice of a good friend. (John 15:13) Such a strategy is/was proven and fulfilled before the world began. (2 Timothy 1:9)

Because there is only one Way, Truth, and Life that leads to salvation, there can be no error in its direction and place of refuge. (John 14:6)

But how can you and I come to the Father if we are sinners from birth?  Moreover, how can we overcome time to acquire such a magnificent gift?

A better idea is necessary to bring redemption to humanity, and take away the depravities of the flesh.

Transference is not the appropriate conduit to bring salvation to a human soul.  For such an immaculate undertaking, much holier utensils are necessary.  For immeasurable perfection to become reality in a soul existing in a measurable universe, utensils must be discarded and divine translation needs to take place.

Through a hallowed causality loop, we are returned to each singular event in our lives and, within a predestination paradox, are immaculate in our actions and deeds.

Likewise, in the hallowed causality loop, the Logos translates us into His image, while He, by drinking the cup of iniquity, in turn, is brought into our sinful nature, and takes our place in the seat of Justice. (Matthew 26: 39-44)

By drinking the cup, it is Jesus who commits the sin.

Sinful, tarnished beyond recognition, Jesus is judged, sentenced, and prosecuted for our iniquities.

Photos: Rod Long, Hudson Hintze, Grant Whitty, Emma Shapley, Ben White

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