Citizen President—Donald Trump’s Presidency is Our Best Chance to Save Our Future

Citizen President—Donald Trump’s Presidency is Our Best Chance to Save Our Future

Take a good long look.

Here are the leftists I have witnessed my whole life.

They’re so peace loving and so damn kindhearted—unless you disagree with them, or worse: vote against them.  Then, they will reveal their true colors.

They tell you to “grow up” and quite calling people names.  But if you vote against the insanity they promote, they will turn around and do worse than call you names—they will seek to destroy you.

They call Trump a misogynist, then go on stage and talk disparagingly against women (Clinton allowed Jay Z to campaign for her); they say Trump is not fit to be president because he calls people names, then their presidential candidate has the indecency to call Trump supporters “Deplorables;” they call Trump a racist, even as the current president has said and done far more odious things—racist things—than Trump ever has.

When the current president won in 2008 and 2012, I was sickened, hurt, even angry.

But I went about my business and supported our country, no matter how foolish I felt we were to elect a president with virtually no experience and no qualifications.

The leftist I speak of are not visible, refusing to show themselves.

Rather, they are the brains and the orchestrators behind the numerous protests occurring throughout our country.

They are the orchestrators and puppet masters who organized the violent protesters and disrupters at Trump and Sanders rallies.

Protesting is part of the framework of a functioning Republic.

Possessing the ability to voice your issues is a powerful way to express your Citizenship.

As long as you’re a US Citizen.

But even if you are.  If US Citizens are protesting against our country’s ability to secure our borders and enforce our laws for proper immigration to take place, then they are protesting our country’s judicial statutes and rulings, and are in support of mobocracy and illegal aliens’ rights over the rights and aids our government is obligated to provide to US Citizens.

If they are protesting the ability of our country to deport those individuals who willingly and openly break our laws, they wish to deteriorate our country into a cosmopolitan, multiculturalist, non-culture territory wherein borders are eliminated, entitlements are extended to all, regardless of citizenship, and all cultural value is abolished.

If the desire for lawlessness is the objective of these professional protesters, then they are no longer protesting—they are instigating a mob.



We are a nation who was strong once—we’re not so strong now.

We are $21, 000, 000, 000, 000 in debt; our culture has eroded; our economy is dying.

However, we are strong enough to survive the many lethal issues we are faced with today.  That is a tribute to the generations who came before us and allowed us the luxury to make some mistakes and still survive.



We are running out of the comfort of time.

We cannot make any more mistakes if our Republic is to survive.

Electing Trump is only the first step toward a better future for our posterity.

Trump is qualified.

He comes from the cloth of our country’s industry and commerce.

He is infinitely more qualified than nearly every president before him in one area—he is not a lifer politician.

He is a worker, a successful businessman, an “outsider.”

He is us, billionaire and all.

Trump is a Citizen President.

Imperfect and flawed, he will fulfill his obligations as president as we—the US Citizens—would.

He—we—cannot fail.



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