CNN—Faux Blood News During the Pandemic War

CNN—Faux Blood News During the Pandemic War

With the country embroiled in a war of indefinite dimensions, with people struggling against the added stress of financial loss, or even ruin, with people becoming ill, and even dying, here comes CNN doing what they’ve always done—disseminate misinformation and distort the news to fit their slanted political narrative, and cause division and confusion to a country already reeling from mass sickness, devastation, and death.

Words fail to provide the true picture I see of a detestable and repugnant faux news agency that can’t seem to grasp, or refuses to acknowledge, that the destructive stream of hatred they spew daily against our president is adding to our country’s heartache.

CNN cannot seem to display any sense of maturity or humanity in this time of crisis.

After 9/11, I recall a period of unity gripped our country.  I remember bipartisanship take hold of DC, at least for a short period.  In some respects, even the media showed support for the cause of recovery and healing as our nation struggled to recuperate from the awful act of war.

Fast-forward to today, and a much different scenario is playing out.

CNN is a news entity—and, unfortunately, due to their actions, I use that designation loosely.

But CNN’s actions are not even news—their attacks are more like political campaign ads.

CNN’s roster of journalists don’t even bother to follow the SPJ Code of Ethics, acting out their agenda rich faux news reporting with the venomous sting of a political party, without compunction or impartiality.

My war against the modern agenda driven media is evident and a primary, even sacred mission, to me.

While any biased, agenda driven news reporting is unacceptable, there are far more liberal/leftist news outlets and journalists falsely news reporting, than there are from the conservative/right.

It’s bad enough when biased news reporting goes on during normal times. But when I see these disgusting politically focused attacks taking place during these troubling times, my blood boils to overflowing.

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