Coelestium et Terrestrium Prophetiae  –  2019  /  I

Coelestium et Terrestrium Prophetiae  –  2019  /  I


SDF war reports coming out of Syria claim that Daesh is resorting to the lowest of all military tactics, using human shields.

Whether or not Daesh is using human shields, it will only prolong their inevitable destruction for a short time.

Daesh’s existence is on borrowed time.  While still dangerous locally, their sphere of military influence is virtually gone.

Strikingly, SDF’s mission in Syria is coming to an end and then their role within Syria will also be concluded.  SDF will not be tolerated by the Assad Government, any more than Daesh was.  Not only has the Syrian king been adept at using outside and/or opposed forces to do his bidding, both politically and militarily, he’s been flexible who, when, and where.

Observe a Syrian map and you will see Assad’s region of power has remained virtually constant throughout the war.

Lastly, lurking in the wings, Russia and the USA will not easily release their political and military grips on Syria.  Both super powers have been, and will continue to be, used by Assad’s Government to assist in the prosecution of the war, to facilitate social recovery, and provide a military/political bulwark for the coming Syrian king.

Ancient Chinese Secret

In a country of 1.5 billion, a million or so dissidents, or perceived threats, to the PRC are hardly noticeable.  In the days of Mao Zedong, murdering the nonconformists was the go to.  These days, rather than murder them, it’s more expedient to label them insurrectionists and bury them in a concrete and steel structure sanctioned by the government.

Through the years, methods may change, but Red China hasn’t.

The Xinjiang Region is a vast area, full of mountain ranges and various ethnic groups, including the largest, the Uighurs.

Tragedy can’t possibly describe the grip of terror loved ones must be feeling, considering the millions who have simply vanished into the measureless distance of the region. Without a trace, untold millions have dropped off the internet, and then, inexplicably, disappeared.  While such events have been common through the generations of communist rule, a new phenomenon has taken place.

Despite the threat of further reprisals for those aware of the circumstances surrounding the disappearances to talk to foreigners or the media, details have emerged.  Moreover, corroboration has come from many sources, including satellite images that show distinct new building complexes erected in the Xinjiang Region, bordered by binary fences and ominous guard towers.

Not that anyone needed proof of the ironfisted method of rule of Red China.

Red China’s iron curtain style of government is calculated secrecy in which the kings of the east believe they can defend themselves from the coming war storms in the west.

It won’t have the desired effect.

The coming wars in the west will pull them out of their Asian cave and lead them to the dried bed of the Euphrates like a light draws the moth to its intensity.

Damaged Heads

The once friendly status between the heads of state of Syria and Turkey has experienced much turmoil in recent years.  Understandably, the strain of war can cause many wounds.

Without a doubt, I’m convinced that the rift between the two countries will heal. If the healing is not enough to revive the warm relations Erdogan and Assad once had, then other circumstances will prevail.

The strategic importance of a close alliance is not lost on either leader, or country. Notwithstanding the strategic importance of neighboring countries holding close ties, the hostile region in which they exist dictates a reconciliation.

In the end, as a matter of survival, the countries will form a union not only between themselves, but will extend their alliance to include Macedon/Greece and Egypt.

The alliance that’ll develop between the four countries will not come easy.

It’ll be forged in the heat of battle, and be consummated through blood.

Photos: Johannes Plenio, Jeremy Perkins, Davide Cantelli, Stephanie LeBlanc, NASA–is-turns-to-human-shields-11199954

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