Communist Vampires—The Leftist Faction’s Communist Agenda

Communist Vampires—The Leftist Faction’s Communist Agenda

Since Marx, Engels, and Lenin, they’re argument and methods are always the same: We simply want what’s best for you, and we want to help you.

Using this methodology, with their corruption and lies they have raped, pillaged, and murdered hundreds of millions, even billions of people throughout human history.

Under the same vile conditions they set on others, they remove themselves from the equation by professing that the pains of leadership do not allow them to apply the laws they dictate upon others, to pertain to themselves.

They come with hands extended for our money, our possessions, even our lives.

If this does not work, they resort to violence, and using sweet words of love and compassion, they will take our billfolds at gunpoint.

Throughout history they have destroyed countries and empires with the vileness of a colony of vampires, sucking the lifeblood out of economies, bleeding them dry.

This is what is occurring now in our Republic.

Our debt has skyrocketed past $21, 000, 000, 000, 000.

This cannot continue.

By now, after generation upon generation has been paying taxes, our country’s coffers should be filled to the hilt.  With proper and wise management of our taxes, by now we should be driving on streets of gold, and our infrastructure should be overlaid with marble, rubies, and precious gems.

Likewise, to hear their hollow platitudes, with their mantras of social brotherhood and acceptance, all of humanity’s ills should have been rectified, and the poor and homeless should be well-fed and properly housed.

Not only are we ruining our cars running over crumbling highways, we are living in a nightmare known only in the mind and heart of a robbed culture.

Nothing is free.


Yet, they will tell you that entitlement is not only the right of all, it is up to you and me to pay for their social restructure.

And when you raise concern and ask them, “But what about your money?  How much are you going to pay to save humanity?”  They will shake their heads and waggle their finger at you like the pastor on Sunday morning and tell you that they are exempt from their decrees, and above the plight of normal humans, therefore, they don’t pay humanity’s ransom, and refuse to be encumbered with such obligations.

No, the burdens of fixing and correcting the woes of the communal existence are only corrected by those to blame, and they certainly are not the guilty ones.

You see, they need a villain to blame.

Their targets are always the same ones.

The well to do, the property owners, the privileged, the state.

Of course, it is pure luck that those kinds exist, and they must be made to pay the punishment for all they have done to rob humanity of its choice riches.

“It is yours,” they tell the naïve, the young, the foolish. “They took it from you.  They are to blame for the squalid conditions we live in.”

Yes, in an outlandish causticness, unbelievable for the rational mind to comprehend, they dare to claim they are the same as the poor.

They are not.


While the state is an evil we can both agree with, theirs is a rotten, disgusting ideology, practiced and executed by the evilest of minds.


They are never recognized until it is too late, and certain events have been set into motion that cannot be reversed.

Be warned of them, these vampires who seek the blood of a healthy country to subsist.

Be warned

It is too late to warn the hundreds of millions of Chinese victims who believed Mao Zedong, only to learn of his lies in exile, or before a firing squad.

It is too late to warn the hundreds of millions of Russians who paid the price of lost liberty at the hands of the Bolsheviks.

It is too late to warn the South American countries who have been ravaged by the disease of communism in our modern age.

Our country is at a dangerous crossroads.

Regardless of politics, the numbers tell the truth.

We cannot sustain perpetual debt.

Many times, growth requires debt and risk.  However, if debt is not balanced, it will crash down and destroy every financial support that attempts to support it.

The auspices of communism cover America’s skies like a dark cloud, overshadowing the glow of President Trump, and the emergence of the modern Patriots who made it possible for him to be elected.

Time is short.

All of the features needed for the communist to take root are before us: run away debt, an army of young entitlement seekers, educated by the very colleges our taxes have funded for generations, unmanageable health care, government corruption at the highest levels.

If our Republic is to survive we, the US Citizens, must lend our voice and passion to the cause of Liberty.

If not for us, then for our posterity.

Every passing day, the situation worsens.

Do not fall victim to the flawed belief that it can’t happen here, in the United States.

It can and it will, unless we stop it.


Photos: Doug Maloney, Dirk Spijkers, Jenner VandenHoek

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