COVID-19—A Programmed Microorganism in a Military Smart Bug War?

COVID-19—A Programmed Microorganism in a Military Smart Bug War?

War is a complex happening, with a twisted structure.

The war we fight now is further complicated, perhaps beyond the scope of any other war, due to its germ domain.

While our known scientific and military knowledge, based on declassified information, has not progressed to the level of controlled and organized pathogens—programmed microorganisms—nonetheless, to miss the speed of China’s recovery would be an extraordinary mistake.

More inflammatory is the low rate of Russian infected.

Considering Russia borders China, this telling feature of the war is quite remarkable.

Unless the facts are looked at through the lens of war.

In the modern era, China and Russia have joined forces to fight us on the battlefield since the end of WWII.

When looked at through the lens of war, China’s speedy recovery, and Russia’s near zero casualty rate, make perfect sense.

Stepping back from the fantastical possibility of a released “military smart germ” it’s wise to explore the possibility of a secret vaccine/inoculation being developed before a “dumb virus” was released into the environment.

Such a scenario would produce the exact results we’re seeing today in China and Russia, as compared to the rest of the world.

The benefits of such a waged war could produce an anonymous precision unheard of before in warfare.  Not to mention its political and social power.

Want to crush an economic system?  Want to take down an adversarial country?  Want to kill a culture(s) but leave the infrastructure(s) intact?

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