Creation—My Non-Hallucinogenic Kool-Aid Acid Test Toward Singularity

Creation—My Non-Hallucinogenic Kool-Aid Acid Test Toward Singularity

Child of the Cosmos

I agree and believe in the central idea of the Merry Pranksters philosophy.

That doesn’t mean I believe the way to promote such a radical lifestyle is to pop Lysergic acid diethylamide, do electric Kool-Aid acid tests, drive around in a psychedelic bus, and name my kid sunshine, or moonbeam.

In fact, I reject the notion that I have to use hallucinogenic substances to arrive at a heightened state of consciousness.

I am able to arrive at such a mental plateau from a different stream of awareness and abhor the idea that I require a serotonin receptor agonist to locate my spirituality and “find myself.”

Without hallucinogenic substances, I see worlds that have never been and experience mind-altering eruptions when I lift my eyes and observe the awesome majesty of the universe.

In the awesome brilliance of divine creation, the star gazer in me is born again.

Beyond the threshold of Planck time I can see the wonders of heaven and discover the celestial secrets of yesterday and tomorrow.

I have lived my life in an autistic event horizon and commune in my soul with the death throes of a giant star, that will never die.

I am a child of the cosmos, and the stars are my progenitors.

Without hallucinogenic substances, I taste the goodness of fruit, the freshness of water, and hear the pure sound of a pleasing conversation.

From a well-executed risotto dish, to a remarkable stracciatella gelato, crowned with a fine simple infusion and stimulating discussion, life’s meanings become momentous and peace on earth can be achieved.

One with the Earth

Without hallucinogenic substances, I run in the sun, with the new air at my face.

In such tranquility and energy, I am a traveler upon our earth ship, hurtling through space around our sun at a speed of 67, 000 miles an hour.

I am one with the earth.  I am one with nature.

I love the earth’s creatures, and wish to live in harmony with nature’s organisms, and cultivate the ground within a communal of brotherhood.

Inside the seed, the bark, and the leaf, I hope with an endless longing for a harmonious tomorrow.

There, touched by the tranquil zephyrs of the Crystal Sea, I am optimistic that we will one day plant a garden and reap the fruit of eternity.

Singularity—My Stories Are Your Story

I am not a judge.  Such pretentious attitude is not my meaning, nor my objective.

I certainly do believe in living, and letting others live in their traditions and customs.

While I detest all manner of drug induced mind alteration to achieve my perfect mental state, I do seek escape from reality.

My escape is the Word.

Without hallucinogenic substances, I have attained the sensitivity and humanity to be a lover of Peace and Truth.

I believe as Gandhi did, “There is no way to peace, Peace is the way.”  I believe in such a great idea, even though the world knows more about war than peace, more about killing and murdering, than about living and loving.

I am a scholar of military history and a student of war, so I can warn humanity of its evils.

As for Truth, I not only seek it, I worship it.

Truth is God.

By Truth’s preciseness, all of reality exists.

Without hallucinogenic substances, I live Life more abundantly.

In the fullness of Life, I inhale infinity and dare to love beyond death, hate, time, and understanding.

Throughout my life, in my every breath, I seek to find the pure consciousness that requires only the spirit of Life and the human breath to elevate its awareness.

In the innocence and clarity of free thought, I live and breathe a new beginning.  Obstacles are removed, and mountain tops are conquered.  My life becomes a canvas in which my blood and guts draw the imageries of a new world.

The world of the Creator is my world, and I will never relinquish it.

In the rapture of creation, I feel alive and awash in the translucence and brightness of the Sea of Glass.  I stand upon the sun and feel the rage of the sunbursts, catalysts to new life forms and creations.  I touch and measure the heavens with my thoughts and words.

I live to create.

I am a Creator.

Through my creations, I attain a heightened abstract mental elevation that transcends all understanding.

My God was, is, and forever will be a Creator.

Therefore, in order to be, I must also create.

It is through creation that I am able to exist outside of my autistic citadels.

It is through creation that I can sense different worlds and accept different ways of thought.

It is through creation that I am able to relate the stories of my gravity and complexity.

Through creation, I attain singularity.

I am The Great American Storyteller.

To all Patriots of our Great Republic: If you love our country, and have a story, I will connect with you.

Because my stories are your story.

Photos by: Wil Stewart, Tom Skarbek-Wazynski, Samuel Zeller, Milkovi, Manouchehr Hejazi, Laura Skinner, and Derek Thomson

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