Creator—The Creative Immensity of the Transcendent Carpenter

Creator—The Creative Immensity of the Transcendent Carpenter

4.5 Billion Years

In the germ of an unblemished idea comes the creative immensity of the transcendent Carpenter.  It is this immensity that I attempt to discover when I reach for my tools.

The firmament rests upon a framework of unfathomable dimensions and incalculable magnitudes.  Upon each subatomic particle, upon the minutest substrate, the transcendent Carpenter assembles the heavens to sustain our existence.  From the troposphere, into the stratosphere, ascending and elevating into mesosphere, the perfection and balance of the transcendent Carpenter’s creative power humbles the human spirit.

In my life, there’s so much I’ve attempted to learn about the creation we exist in. From the large bodies and objects that hang on the fabric of the cosmos, to the most basic elements that drive our continuation, I am left stunned at the marvel of this creation.  My intelligence is unable to comprehend the brilliance of such an awesome construction.

Science says that our earth is 4.5 billion years old.  It would take me every single one of those years to describe the emotions I feel when I observe a butterfly or a bee gracefully flutter through the summer air, or when I catch the fragrance of a fresh flower.

I am a writer—a wordsmith of ideas and stories, a composer of literary fiction—and yet, if I were granted to live for 4.5 billion years, I believe I would still be unable to put into words the amazement and wonder I feel when I gaze across the horizon at the spectacle of a sunset.

No amount of time would be sufficient for my intellect to process such tremendous virtuosity.

Dark Energy

Just when science said it was misguided and a deceased theory, yet another new string theory structural concept that incorporates dark energy has emerged.  Ever since science realized that the universe was expanding at an ever-accelerating rate—that the catalyst for its expansion is the dominant presence of “dark energy” throughout the cosmos—science has been preoccupied with learning exactly what dark energy is.  The new string theory, referred to as “The Bubble Universe”, follows all the pervious string theories that science has rejected, and that math has refuted.  It has long been hoped that string theory will prove the existence of dark energy, moreover, that it will provide a unified field theory—a theory of everything—the ultimate desideratum of Einstein’s General Theory.

Unless its foundation is centered upon stronger models and perceptions, science will ultimately fail to discover the secrets that remain hidden under the fabric of this creation.

Throughout the cosmos there exist clues of what dark matter is.  But like the earthly carpenter that desires to conceal and disguise the fastener methods employed in the project, so the transcendent Carpenter hides the fasteners He used to fasten the entire universe into the singular fabric of all existence.  Comparable to the transcendent carpenter’s skill to conceal the fasteners and buckles used to fabricate His creation of the universe, so I, the earthly carpenter, make use of joinery and woodcraft to accomplish aesthetics in my finished creations.  He is far more efficient than I in concealing His artistry and skill.

The transcendent Carpenter is not only a builder, He is a creator of awesome talent and skill.

There’s so much of the cosmos we don’t know about.  This will continue through our existence in this realm.  But our deficiency of understanding should not suspend or obstruct our appreciation of the work and craftsmanship of the transcendent Carpenter.

On a dark, stormy night I witnessed the spectacle of the Almighty across the evening skies.  The immediate heavens above me displayed a clear night sky, the heavenly beauty of stars and planets extending out into a seemingly measureless forever.  However, in the distant sky, a thick cloud cluster covered the heavens and a violent lightning storm ignited.

Standing upon a hill, I witnessed the storm in awe.  As each lightning bolt exploded in the night, I was mesmerized by the violence and beauty of the spectacle.  I cared not how the heavenly wonder sat suspended above me, or its logical significance to earthly survival.  I lost my breath at the splendor of the heavens.

Taking in the celestial magnificence directly above me, I looked out at the massive lightning bolts flashing across the distant sky.

And I marveled.

Edited by: Crystal Durnan

Photos: Klemen Vrankar, Yash Raut, Jonathan Bowers, JR Korpa

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