Credible Threats of Violence—The Disconnect Between King and Servant

Credible Threats of Violence—The Disconnect Between King and Servant

It was announced that the Michigan State House and the Senate Office buildings were closed to the public on Monday.

It appears that our governmental officials are concerned about credible threats of violence they perceive coming from us, the citizens, but not about the credible threats of violence to us, the citizens, coming from external threats crossing our borders illegally, every single day.

As in all other matters regarding our Republic, the disconnect is directly in front of our faces and at the heart of our divide.

The greatest divide in our country is not between factions within the hoi polloi, but between the masses and the hoi oligoi.

Apparently, our king masters are afraid of us.

The old saying goes: When government fears the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

So, as our kings conduct our business behind locked doors and armed guard, we the people have no access or say in our affairs.

I find it reprehensible that our royals don’t even have the decency to give us the benefit of a doubt.

Imagine us doing the same to them.  Refusing to pay our taxes and declining to handle any matters with the government.  In essence, shuttering our doors and arming ourselves against any government interference, simply because we had so called credible threats of violence against us.

As I recall, I read somewhere that this happened in 1776.

We are free people, not animals at the zoo.

We, the people, have certain unalienable rights. Moreover, if our taxes have purchased anything, at least they should buy the price of admission.  Especially when our destiny and posterity are on the line.

While the back and forth about the legal aspects of the presidential election rage on, we the people should be front and center in the goings on in DC and throughout our states.

The government bureaucrats are not the most critical parts of our Republic.  Quite the contrary, they’re the most unessential workers in our country.

I am disgusted that our kings and queens can use the word inclusive, only to turn around and not include the most vital element of our Republic.

The People.


Images: Shirly Niv Marton, Mitya Ivanov


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