Creo Effector in the Southern Winds

Creo Effector in the Southern Winds

The southern winds have returned.

Blasting off the great lake, the southern winds have been exploding into the Town on the Edge of Forever for the past week.


The fall winds out of the south are an overture to the southern gales that will create the nor’easters of the coming winter.

The southern winds speak to me in my animate sinews.

They call to me from their origin in the Pacific Ocean, over California’s mountain summits and across the renewed plains of Texas.

In the ferocious waves that assault the shore, I see visions of my life in the lake’s indignation.

I think well when I smell the fragrance of my past and the sweet aroma of my future in the southern winds.


In the southerly airstreams the Creo Effector blanches my spirit and purifies my soul.  In the endless musing I feel an extraordinary creation burst out of my revelation and lift into the heavens.

This is the inspiration of the Seasons.

An imagination that shapes my purpose; a faith that transcends time; a life that refuses to end until the last breath is forced out of the lungs—these are the spectacles that compose my family’s Coat of Arms.

I believe this is what my Father felt when he first looked upon the Beulah land that became my beloved hometown where I grew up and learned about life.

I live in the Land of 4 Seasons because it is all I’ve ever known.

I reside in the Town on the Edge of Forever because a loyalty to my Father has become my destiny.

Even as I stand here on the lakeshore of the far northland, in my heart I also stand on the shores of Galveston and Malibu with equal vigor.

My spirit ascends above the thousands of miles that express and define me in the southern winds—I am a wisp in the strong wind, a ray of light in the warm sunshine, an invincible root in the northern ground.



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