Cultural Death—The Confusion of the Citizen USA Hater and the Systematic Leftist Agenda to Destroy Our Culture

Cultural Death—The Confusion of the Citizen USA Hater and the Systematic Leftist Agenda to Destroy Our Culture

New York became the first state to ensure detained illegal aliens have legal representation—a right once solely provided to US Citizens.

The amount of USA hatred in New York, New York is overwhelming.

For a Citizen of our Republic to hate the USA can stem from ignorance or confusion, or a number of other illogical possibilities.

It can also materialize from an understandable confusion as to what the Republic of the United States is and what it stands for.

In 1776, the Republic of the United States courageously and boldly declared that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, first among these being Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  This set a precedency born out of the civil conflicts cultivated and fought for by the Roman Republic in antiquity.

Although the Republic of Rome fell ultimately to the faintness of the human condition and became an Empire, I had always hoped that the modern United States Republic would be able to overcome their disadvantage and conquer many of the ills of humanity which led them to dispel such a great and noble aspiration.

In the end, the biggest sickness and infection the Roman Republic suffered from was the loss of its culture.  People no longer believed Liberty exceeded their security in importance, precipitated by an influx of different mental dispositions and cultural directions.

The same circumstance transpired four hundred years later when the Empire lost its cultural identity, due to foreign ideas littering its cultural landscape.

In both instances, the loss of culture directly led to the demise of the idea of the cultural and the perverted identification of a civilization.

While the residence of ideology is in the mind, the reasons for the demise of a cultural rarely resides solely in the mind.  Ideology that is hateful to its own host culture is a cancer that is bred into its fabric.

Self-hate—the likes we are witnessing throughout the Republic of the United States did not come by accident.  It arrived on our shores by the hesitancy of our society and our governing entities to enforce the laws that govern our boundaries.  This issue is further compounded by the constant hesitancy to mandate assimilation as part of the process of citizenship.

In both Roman cases, the malady could easily have been prevented.  Likewise, in the modern United States, the self-hate leading to cultural death could easily have been prevented.

The strength of a culture is not centered on all people looking physically alike.

However, the strength of a culture is centered on all people being united within its cultural significance.

When this is ignored, then what ensues is the abolition of all privileges and truths of citizenship.

New York has become the first state to ensure alien people are provided the sacred right which only a citizen should be privileged to, and then are forcing the Citizens of our Republic to pay for such a benefit.

This level of evil could only come about by deliberate political actions throughout the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of a corrupt, self-serving government, and an equally corrupt state government.

It is because of such corrupt politicians that President Thomas Jefferson declared “every generation needs a revolution.”

If we are to save our beloved Republic, we must become wiser and secure our borders, thereafter preserve the value of Citizenship.

If not, we will be forced to heed President Jefferson’s good wisdom.


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