Culture Extermination—Leftist Seek to Destroy USA Culture in Their Quest for Power

Culture Extermination—Leftist Seek to Destroy USA Culture in Their Quest for Power

The Russian leftists/socialists/communists who formed the Bolshevik Party that toppled the weak Russian provisional government in 1917 did so with Russian cultural interests in mind.

It was not the intent of Vladimir Ilich Ulanov to destroy the Russian culture, rather his was a mission to transform the Russian culture into his communist vision.

The leftists/socialists/communists who acquired power in Russia in the early twentieth century were out of and for the benefit of Russian culture.

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The Chinese leftists/socialists/communists who defeated the Kuomintang and assumed power in 1949 did so with Chinese cultural interests in mind.

As Lenin, in the Russian October Revolution, it was not Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong’s objective to annihilate Chinese culture but to transmogrify China’s backward “peasant” society into a mighty civilization, able and ready to move into the modern age upon a powerful economic program.

In fact, Mao’s Great Leap Forward was a comprehensive economic and social reform project designed to impact the Chinese culture, both good and bad.


The Cuban leftists/socialists/communists who seized power in 1959, led by Castro’s 26th of July Movement, did so to achieve the goal of Cuban cultural remunerations.

As Lenin and Mao before him, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz had the best interests of Cuban culture in mind when his troops deposed the pathetic government of Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar.

During his subsequent fifty-year reign, Cuban President Castro and his leftist government never relinquished his desire to impact his culture for the good or the bad.

Fidel Castro, Prime Minister of Cuba, smokes a cigar during his meeting with two U.S. senators, the first to visit Castro's Cuba, in Havana, Cuba, Sept. 29, 1974. (AP Photo)

Fidel Castro, Prime Minister of Cuba, smokes a cigar during his meeting with two U.S. senators, the first to visit Castro’s Cuba, in Havana, Cuba, Sept. 29, 1974. (AP Photo)


Indeed, the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban leftists/socialists/communists never desired the destruction of their cultures—they wished to develop and progress their programs for what they believed would benefit their cultures.

A new phenomenon has occurred in the vision of the leftists/socialists/communists who have seized power in the United States.

Using Fabian Society strategy and tactics, the US leftists have viciously orchestrated a much more sinister program to assume power—moreover, to maintain and increase their hold on DC.

Their methods are clear.

So is their intent.

With consistency, the US leftists have—on every single turn in their rise to power—implemented a systematic program designed to not simply overthrow the US Government, but to murder the culture within which the US Government resides.

Like never before, the US leftists have no regard or care to simply implement their twisted ideology—they seek to annihilate all trace and history of the culture that once was the United States of America.

Possessed with a violent hatred against every single element, property, and feature that declared and manifested the greatness of the United States culture, the leftists have succeeded in destroying much of the fabric that contained Liberty and individualism within our country’s borders.

The modern leftists within the United States are driven, not simply to spread an ideology, they are driven by a frenzy to exterminate the cultural identity of our country.

Assimilation is a prerequisite to a healthy culture, regardless of ideology.

In a relentless, perverted, systematic attack against such well known national principles, the US leftists desire to create a Cosmopolitan, multiculturalist, non-culture territory wherein borders are eliminated, entitlements are extended to all, regardless of citizenship, and all cultural value is abolished.

In a nation of immigrants, as the United States is, diversity is going to occur.

That is all well and good.

However, the promotion of diversity—in of itself—is not United States credo.

To promote diversity without care for legality is tantamount to promoting tackling in the stands of a football game.

Fans tackling fans in the stands would warrant arrests.

As tackling should be left on the field, with the players, so diversity should only be promoted when proper, legal steps toward Citizenship have been carried out and fulfilled.

Illegal Immigration is just that—ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

It is illegal.

The danger to a culture, regarding immigration, occurs when assimilation is not allowed.

An influx of immigrants is not good, if it exceeds the means of the host to assimilate them.

Many wrongs take place from this single wrong.

Through the use of communal pressures, coming from all entities, including non-Citizen groups and influences from outside of our country’s boundaries, the leftists have succeeded in creating an unregulated, implicit immigration system and policy derived from warped leftist opinion, steeped with political correctness gone wild.

By creating an immigration system that does not have any basis in legality, they have succeeded in changing the demographics of this country drastically.

They have been assisted in this fiendish plot by an establishment GOP orthodoxy that is centered on simply being elected and keeping their power, without regard for conservative, principled content or accomplishment.

The leftists’ war against the cultural truthfulness of the United States of America is a war beyond ideology, creed, or belief.

It is a war of cultural extermination.

If the leftists succeed in winning this election, they will continue their unrelenting, uncompromising warfare against all things USA.

If we allow them to continue their fatal assault against everything we believe in and hold dear in our USA Culture, the leftist will not only murder our country—they will murder us with it.



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