Cunning Ruse

Cunning Ruse

Turkey’s escalation against Daesh in Syria is to be expected.

Although the civil war in Syria has brought some tension between the two heads of the Leopard Beast, prior to the conflict substantial warming had occurred.

While Daesh observes Islam, as does Syria and Turkey, nonetheless, it is a parasitic organism within the body of the King of the North.

While under less stressful times this could be somewhat tolerated, the civil war and the imminent menace of the tribulation do not offer Syria the luxury of any amount of forbearance.

This is only because of time.

As for any appearance of weakness, there was no possibility that Daesh would be able to overcome Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

In fact, too much is at stake for Assad to allow Daesh to remain indefinitely.

Daesh’s days in Syria are numbered; they’re purpose for existing in Syria is complete.

Here are a few reasons why Daesh was allowed to take hold in Syria:

  1. To bring about a revival of Islamic extremism in Syria and condition the people to horrific war.
  2. To establish unity among the two heads of the leopard beast—Syria and Turkey.
  3. To prepare the way for Assad’s exit and the rise of the final King of the North.

Why ISIL Detests Being Called “Daesh”

Daesh may still have a role to play within the four heads of the leopard beast, but its existing role in Syria is no longer necessary.

From here I see the refugee crisis producing the backdrop environment that will cause the desperation that is witnessed in Bible Prophecy.  From the willingness to proclaim a man God, to the zealotry of accepting a “mark” on their forehead and subjecting themselves to an economic system that prohibits involvement with anyone who does not have the mark, it is the pressure exerted upon the populous by Daesh that has formed such fanaticism.

It was for this purpose that the present day King of the North (Assad), back in 2011 and 2012, during the early stages of the rebellion against him, released numerous Islamist prisoners from jail.  Many of these jihadists rose to become commanders within Daesh.  With their assistance, Daesh successfully captured oil fields in eastern Syria and then, in return, sold the oil to Assad.

With Syrian currency, the terrorist group funded their barbaric activities.

Assad propped up Daesh in his country to give outside forces a “moment of pause” between choosing a brutal terrorist organization over his government to remain in power.

In addition to his devious, cruelty Assad has paid careful attention to not specifically target Daesh in his aerial bombing and land operations… until recently.

Now that he has manipulated events in such a way as to have the two dominant earthly powers (the USA and the Russian Federation) conducting military operations on his behalf, never in the modern age has the King of the North been stronger.

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