Denied Quorum—The True Assault on Who We Are As Americans

Denied Quorum—The True Assault on Who We Are As Americans

The People’s Business

Yahoo, in full propaganda form, penned codswallop and stuck a slanted poll (their own) to falsely assert that the majority of Americans oppose the Texas Senate’s recently passed bill to defend and uphold voting integrity and ensure that our voting system remains truthful and accurate.

Yahoo went on to claim that the Texas Senate’s bill was in response to Trump’s assertion of voting irregularities in the recent presidential election.

It is not.

This process should have been enacted a long time ago.  Moreover, the true assault on our American liberty and on who we are as Americans, is the immature, even illegal, act by certain Democrat legislators to leave the state in an attempt to deny the Texas Senate the Quorum required to conduct the people’s business.

Voting is our American way of life, and if there were any proof of voting irregularity pervading our voting system, this is a sufficient example of it.

These legislators are elected by the people to vote.  To debate.  Not to tuck tail and run at the first sign of strain.

If our American way of life is to continue to exist, our elected legislators must do their job.

As for Biden’s claim that ensuring the integrity of our voting system is an attack on certain segments of our people, his assertion is the worst kind of race baiting and an outright fabrication.

What is wrong with ensuring that those voting are legally allowed to vote?


Those who oppose such measures are the same ones who are fighting to restrict the people their 2nd Amendment rights and making it harder and harder for them to keep and bear arms.

These people talk out of both sides of their mouths.

If infringing on the people’s right to keep and bear arms is okay to ensure that some lunatic doesn’t illegally possess weapons, then why are they opposed to strengthening our voting practices to make certain that the voters who decide the future of our country are legally able to vote?

Yahoo’s poll is slanted and false.

It’s not the first time yahoo’s gone off the cliff in their agenda-slanted faux journalism.  I’ve grown accustomed to their tripe and tosh.  What bothers me more is that a president would not applaud all efforts to prevent our voting system from being stained by any form of corruption.

It is a noble act to endeavor to safeguard our voting system.

Evidently, Biden thinks otherwise.


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