Doctor Fauci (Jekyll) and Mister Hyde—The Good Doctor’s 2 Month Transformation

Doctor Fauci (Jekyll) and Mister Hyde—The Good Doctor’s 2 Month Transformation

In a January 23, 2020 Journal of the American Medical Association podcast—a meagre two months ago—Dr. Anthony Fauci in a calm, relaxed voice repeatedly downplayed the potential impact COVID-19 posed to the U.S.

In an interview posted by JAMA Deputy Editor Ed Livingston, MD, Dr. Fauci not only stated that “the CDC, as usual, is on top of things”, he repeatedly downplayed the risk COVID-19 posed to the US.

Fast forward to today—a measly two months later—and Fauci is declaring COVID-19 deadlier than the Spanish Flu.

Oh really?

Yet, when President Trump used the same words in his initial COVID-19 executive responses, and repeated them in his press conferences, the media networks bashed him for downplaying COVID-19.

The media attacks were politically driven and hostile to the president, even though he simply spoke the words of the leading medical experts in our country, regarding COVID-19.

If the President of the United States is going to be bashed for using the same words of our medical experts, why is the politically motivated media now touting Dr. Fauci’s words on COVID-19 as coming from the mouth of God?

Dr. Fauci’s about face, in a matter of only a few months, is further underscored as hyperbolic by his ever-increasing ominous COVID-19 death numbers.

Are we to believe the good doctor had a bad fall and banged his head since January’s downplaying of COVID-19?

Or worse, are we to suspect he’s undergone a Doctor Fauci (Jekyll) and Mister Hyde transformation?

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