Doomsday or Planetary Cycles—Seasons of the Fisherman

Doomsday or Planetary Cycles—Seasons of the Fisherman

Signs of the Times

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning

Red sky at night, sailors delight

There are many who can discern the face of the sky but cannot discern the signs of the times.  The seasons manifest across the planet and their heart shrinks in fear.  Yet, seasons manifest in their soul and they fail to realize their importance.

The wave function manifests from the immeasurable realm of the spirit.  Thus, through and by our spiritual gifts, the wave function can be exercised and manipulated to create our desired reality.

The cosmos, planet Earth, our bodies—all are governed by seasons.

The transcendent Fisherman is in harmony with the earth and the cosmos.

Firmly engrained in the calm of the water’s coolness, the transcendent Fisherman is in complete understanding of the seasons.  Intimately aware of the planetary orbits, the consequence of planetary shifts, and the effect the level of rudimentary elements have on the climate, He is accepting of the planet’s cyclical seasons.

Translated within the wave function to the fresh water, the transcendent Fisherman is not bothered by myths and false hypotheses, nor fear mongering. Far away from the cares of this world, He seeks to capture the full breath of the earthly seasons.

Not marked or warped by time, the seasons of the transcendent Fisherman are neither lost in the past or far away in the future, encompassing all of eternity.

I have felt the seasons in my life.  In the tough sinews and rugged bone, in the mortality of my flesh; I have been moved by all of them.  Immersed in the water and the wave, caught in a hook and line, the desires of my heart have been fulfilled by the unspoken hopes of my higher consciousness.

Seasons of the Earth

There are many who live in fear for the fate of the earth.  They make the claim that the earth will end in twelve years due to climate change.

In terror, they cry out with emotion and desperation, demanding the governments of the world take drastic action.

In defense of science, it was the media who made the erroneous assertion that the earth would die in twelve years unless drastic actions were taken. The irresponsible actions of the media concerning climate change, are numerous and indefensible.  In fact, the flawed concept of humanity caused climate change is completely unsubstantiated.

Without doubt, climate change is occurring on our planet.  It’s also occurring in Mars and Venus, and on all the planets in the solar system.  Concluding that humanity caused it is absurd; humanity is only one factor in a huge equation.  The actions of humanity do have influence on the climate, but nowhere near the scope or degree claimed by climate change activists.

The biggest way humanity effects the earth’s climate is simply by unrestrained population growth.  The human population explosion of the past one-hundred years is astonishing. The 20thcentury witnessed the human population grow from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion.  In that hundred-year span, CO2 emissions have increased 120 percent.

The seasons of the earth are ever changing.  This has resulted in the earth going through many ice ages.  Science still does not understand what causes ice ages.  A major influence is the amount of sunlight the earth receives. The amount of sunlight the earth gets can vary, mainly for three main reasons:

  • the earth’s tilt relative to the sun, referred to as its obliquity;
  • the degree of wobble in the earth’s axis;
  • the profile of the earth’s orbit as it revolves around the sun.


There have been five major extinctions in Earth’s history.

End of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago)

Late Triassic (199 million years ago)

End Permian (252 million years ago)

Late Devonian (378 million years ago)

Late Ordovician (447 million years ago)

The causes for earthly extinction have many details.  However, all of the mass extinctions have been caused by earth atmospheric cooling or heating.  The extinction of marine organisms in the Ordovician Period, from bryozoans, brachiopods, trilobites, graptolites, and conodonts, came as a direct result of global cooling, glaciation, and lower sea levels.

If this is so, then it is logical to conclude that the cooling came after a heating.

Who heated the earth?

It certainly wasn’t humans.

In fact, trees hadn’t even appeared on the earth during the Ordovician Period.

Good News

I care about the earth as much as anyone and know it can be scary to see the weather change.  To some, human reaction on a global scale is the logical remedy.

They would be in error.

There exist many who discern the seasons and signs of the environment, yet cannot discern the signs of the times and the spiritual seasons of our restoration.

Restoration of the earth, of my spirit, of my life—the transcendent Fisherman restores all across the water.  In the hook and the line, faith is restored.

The restoration the transcendent Fisherman brings to the earth is beyond the comprehension of our technology, our medical understanding, and our emotional study.

The restoration the transcendent Fisherman brings to earth is beyond the infinite probabilities of the wave function.

There’s good news in His message.

And in His words, there’s life.

Edited by: Crystal Durnan

Photos: Sandy Millar, Alto Crew, The New York Public Library

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