Erroneous—US Citizens, Not the Virus, Make the Pandemic War’s Timeline

Erroneous—US Citizens, Not the Virus, Make the Pandemic War’s Timeline

On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, asserted that the virus, not humans—will determine “the timeline” for the pandemic war we are engaged in.

Listen to the disempowering statement by this doctor.

This is why doctors are not elected to president, unless they change their way of thinking and believing.

This country wasn’t founded by viruses—it was founded by people.

According to Dr. Fauci, it seems he believes more in viruses than in humans.

In 1776, against all odds, Colonial Patriots—not viruses—fought a war of blood and guts and founded the Republic of the United States of America.

In any war, weakness is the worst front to rely on.  Over caution leads to fear and more death than would’ve occurred.

While respectful caution is necessary, action and vicious attack is necessary for victory to be achieved.

Regardless how the virus bomb was launched against our country, regardless of its point of origin, to shutter the US citizens is not the best method to fight COVID-19.

Our bodies fight off invading organisms, including viruses, all the time.

This often leads to viruses mutating and causing the continuation of the war.

While mutation is a strength, it’s also a weakness, because it exposes the virus to adjust from its lytic cycle to its lysogenic cycle.

It is at this stage when the virus can best be studied.

To prosecute this pandemic war is the only way to victory.

But the victory will be short-lived.

Humans and viruses have warred against each other for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

We’re not going away, and neither are they.

The sooner we cause the virus to mutate, the sooner we can control it, even if we never totally destroy it.

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