Espionage Fiction: 5 Best Books to Read During Self-Quarantine

Espionage Fiction: 5 Best Books to Read During Self-Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it. It has taken lives and changed the face of the global economy. Who thought that a mere virus could confine us to our homes?

As much as one would hate doing all this, we all must hold on to the hope that all of this is to curb the spread of the virus and save lives. But what does one do when the monotony of life catches up with you during quarantine? Dive in espionage fiction!

If you’re a huge fan of spy novels and movies, we’ve made a list of some of the best espionage fiction works of all time to keep you entertained during self-quarantine.

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The American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

The self-assured debut of this brilliant writer was a gift to the world! The riveting story of a Black woman working with the FBI, and the chain of events that follow, have made this work of espionage fiction a true classic. After all, who doesn’t like reading about how seduction can entrap a charismatic president? So sit back, roll up your sleeves, and get reading!

The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott

If a tale of lust, romance, and little deception doesn’t make for a great espionage novel, then we don’t know what does. The book by Lara Prescott has a bizarre plot that revolves around the CIA during the Russian Revolution. The juicy and suspenseful story is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page.

The Accomplice by Joseph Kanon

Besotted with complexities in the aftermath of the Second World War, this historical work of espionage fiction by the remarkable Joseph Kanon is a story of justice, infiltration, and lo

yalty. The tale of a Nazi doctor in post-war Germany tests allegiances and poses new challenges. Let this enthralling tale grip you, so you get a taste of what real suspense feels like.

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A Little White Death by John Lawton

A story set during the social and sexual revolution of the 1960s; this espionage novel is one of John Lawton’s best! The book follows the life of an inspector who finds himself in the middle of a grave scandal, a murder, and of course, a hint of romance. So buckle up and enjoy the witty rollercoaster ride!

Publius: Libertas Aut Mors by Baltazar Bolado

A modern piece of espionage fiction, this story by one of the finest thriller writers of our time, is about an American revolutionary leader, an assassination by a shadow government, and its ties with a sinister counterintelligence organization. Nerve-wracking, to say the least, this novel will give you a taste of modern-day America, and a look into how quickly things can go south.

Baltazar Bolado has a few other books you may be interested in if you’re looking for more conspiracy novels or thriller suspense books for millennials. Find out more about them here!

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