Essential Workers—The Free US Citizen

Essential Workers—The Free US Citizen

A verizon/yahoo recent post is spreading fear that by ending the shut down and reopening our country we will risk 233,000 more deaths.

Fear mongering.

And where there is distortion, misrepresentation of facts, outright lies—filth verizon/yahoo is right in the middle of it, or, more often than not, leading the disgusting parade of mendacities.

The claims, at one point, were a million deaths.  Look what that amounted to.

Filth verizon/yahoo wants our country shut down, and our economic way of life to be destroyed.

Filth verizon/yahoo wants the leftist/socialist/democrat way of life—poverty, tyranny, and absolute control of the people.

Will people die?  Yes.

People died opening the western frontier.  People died opening the industrial frontier. People died opening up the space frontier.

No one wants to see people die.  We love our loved ones.

However, we cannot live life in fear.

We must live life.

By using safety precautions and exercising proper hygiene we will remove much of the risk.  Nonetheless, there is certainly risk.

I have loved ones who are at higher risk.  Moreover, I am an essential worker.

Essential worker—what the hell does that exactly mean?

Only a leftist/socialist could’ve coined the term—essential worker.

Let’s examine that.

For those who vigorously study history, the term essential worker will sound a powerful alarm in their mind.

Eighty years ago, essential worker was used to its hideous conclusion as part of the “final solution.”

In 1940 Germany, the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party) unleashed the SS and the Gestapo to sort out the essential workers, from the non-essential workers.

If you were an essential worker you got to live in Ghetto poverty and used as slave labor to better the future of the master race.

If you were a non-essential worker, the SS and the Gestapo lit a match and threw you into the fire.

Don’t believe the lies of the leftist/socialists who desire to send you into poverty and tyranny.


We—the US citizens—must live free and work to make our future better.

Or, die trying to achieve Liberty.


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