Faith Dimensions—The Fisherman’s Quantum Emergence

Faith Dimensions—The Fisherman’s Quantum Emergence

Calculated Philosopher

The transcendent Fisherman is a calculated philosopher.  Like the profound deliberations of the Gardener and the Carpenter, the Fisherman is an explorer and a traveler through the infinite dimensions of a higher consciousness.

Deeply rooted in the serenity of the water’s coolness, the Fisherman is in complete understanding of the dimensions that compose divine awareness and earthly reality.  Precisely sensitive to the tempestuous probabilities of the wave function, and the effect they have on the rudimentary elements of the cosmos, the transcendent Fisherman is eternal, never aging, lifted into a timeless idea of life, peace, and unadulterated truth.

Out in the fresh water, translated within the wave function, the Fisherman is not bothered by agendas, myths and false hypotheses, nor fear mongering. Far away from the cares of this world, the Fisherman seeks to capture the full breath of earthly wonder.

Across the water’s span flows the energy of the quantum wave function. Embedded into the fabric of aquatic and terrestrial substance, the wave function exists in peace and chaos, in time and timelessness, in life and death.  There is no judgment too severe, no thought too dire, no measurement too limited or unlimited that can separate the Fisherman from the most important moment—the instant of the abundant fullness of life.

In the fullness and richness of life, the transcendent Fisherman seeks to experience the infinite dimensions of the soul and learn the boundless secrecies of the human consciousness.  Nothing is wrong or right—there is law, but it is not preserved to condemn, rather to discover the limits of consciousness, consequently to sustain life.

Higher Consciousness of Love

We know infinitely little about the true reality of the universe.

Throughout the seasons, the Fisherman communicates with the rudimentary elements of the water and the air in an act of faith.

One cannot understand the mystery of the wave function without faith.

Science’s defiance of the naked mathematical precision revealing some of the wave function’s properties, as well as the seemingly catastrophic destruction of all mathematical equations leading to the unknown realities of the measurement problem, has caused science to lose momentum in the discovery of our true reality.

That is why science has resisted the entire concept of the wave function.  Moreover, until science humbles itself and pursues the unfathomable measurement of faith, it will never unravel the contradictions and separations of the elements that demarcate the quantum measurement problem.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  The evidence of things not yet seen.

Thus, faith is a substance that can be measured and determined. It can be touched, smelled, and felt.

Science, in its close-minded rigidness, necessitates substance—evidence—to offer proof that something or someone exists.  Never did science consider that invisibility was a big part of our reality.

Now, science has been confronted with the evidence that ninety-nine percent of all the atoms in the known universe are empty space and that more than ninety-nine percent of the cosmos is composed of things and substances that are invisible.

Furthermore, science has confirmed that there are places in the universe where time is no more.

This is incredibly significant to me.

I have fought a war against time my entire life.  For the past nine years, I have attempted to freeze time using the tools and weapons I have worked to develop since I was a young child.  If time is no more, then I have no enemies left.  Like the Fisherman, I am free to live in absolute harmony with the cosmos and discover the consciousness of my highest hope.

All of my life, I have lived a life of faith.  Without faith, I could not envision the incredible future of my dreams.  Without faith, I could not hope for an infinitely more abundant life.  Without faith, I could not plan for eternity. Without faith, I could not experience the higher consciousness of love…and stay there.

Every moment, the Fisherman is alive.

Sheltered in the deep wood and the restful water, the transcendent Fisherman fashions the line and hook, and casts a line into the chaos and disorder of the measurement problem.  By faith, the Fisherman speaks to the water and the air, and the fish materializes.

Edited by: Crystal Durnan

Photos: Jonathan Zerger, Fabrice Villard, Mathew Schwartz, Conrad Zielband

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