Fake Flake—The Measure and Standard between Conservatism and Leftism

Fake Flake—The Measure and Standard between Conservatism and Leftism

Jon Ward, Yahoo’s Senior Political Correspondent, posted a shockingly well-written article regarding Senator Flake and the internal conflict within the GOP.

While there are some areas of the article where I take issue, much of it has the meat and substance Yahoo often times refuses to permit, choosing rather to delve into the sick and twisted world of pseudo-journalism.

The article offered a somewhat fair description of the political arena that now exists in DC.  An arena where one side is able and willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve their ambitions, and another side refuses to do so, believing that their superficial demeanor, and their gentlemanly brand of governmental reserve, is adequate compensation for their political voting record.

It’s not.

Senator Flake is willing to believe that by showing outward restraint, the overwhelming stench of his voting practices and complicity in eroding our country’s most valuable asset—its culture—will be ignored.

Just as we are counseled through our nation’s Christian foundation teachings, “By their fruits ye shall know them”, we know the senator not for what he shows us in his outward appearance—rather, we know him for what he reveals to us in his inward practices.

In his speech on the senate floor, Senator Flake told President Trump that “Enough is enough.”

Why didn’t Senator Flake tell the previous president “Enough is enough”?

Instead, he not only remained silent, his actions spoke louder than any words could.  Time and time again, he voted for the previous president’s disregard for our laws, our economic favor, and our cultural values.

Senator Flake directed much condemnation toward President Trump.  Where was his righteous indignation when the previous president used racial terminology to divide us?  Where was his outrage when the previous president welcomed some of our country’s most savage enemies into one of our most sacred edifices—the White House?

From inciters of cop-killers, Black Lives Matter, and the Muslim Brotherhood being invited to our White House, to offering amnesty to illegal aliens, making nice with Iran, and more than doubling our national debt—Senator Flake never offered such rebuke and condemnation toward the previous president.  Instead, he was more than happy to remain with his political demeanor undamaged, even as our country was rotting and dying from within.

Senator Flake asked, in his floor speech: Would Republicans meekly accept such behavior on display from dominant democrats?

I will answer the senator.

Look at your actions and voting record and the answer is unequivocally—yes.

Even as he leaves the bright lights of DC behind, Senator Flake attempted to provoke our conscience by warning us of the dangers of moral deterioration, as he sees it, while never bothering to reflect on the ultimate consequences his actions and voting record will have on our culture for generations to come.

He said that the great danger we are faced with is doing nothing about our president’s political mercurial behavior—as he defines mercurial—while he did nothing to stop or prevent the previous president from doing whatever he damn well pleased.  All at the US Citizens’ expense.

In the end—the greatest danger is not in our outward appearances and observable conduct.  While children are indeed watching us, and all of our actions are critical to influencing the betterment of our posterity, it is in our foundational engagements—the actions of politics and the practices of our atonements—where greater influence can take place.

What good has come of Senator Flake’s outward actions and gentlemanly—good-old-boy—political behavior?

As his senatorial decorum and gentlemanly façade has remained intact our country—our culture—has been eroded and willingly destroyed to maintain this misguided sense of “proper and nice” politics.

The democrats do not play by such—so-called—principled conduct.

Senator Flake—and other politicians like him—are the greatest danger to our Republic.

Senator Flake is like a skunk that calls others malodorous, while refusing to sniff the air in fear of recognizing his own odor reeks the foulest.

In the end, the measure and standard between Conservatism and Leftism is easy to define.

There has to come a time when all must make a stand and defend our country—our culture—above and beyond what their consciousness can see and define, and understand that there is no such thing as a humane war.

And that is what we are in—an ideological war.

What is at stake is everything, and who we are as a people.

Our future, our culture, our soul.

Publius: Libertas Aut Mors

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

—President Thomas Jefferson



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