FBI Brownshirts—The Enforcers of the Anti-USA Agenda

FBI Brownshirts—The Enforcers of the Anti-USA Agenda


Here we get to the purpose and objective of the anti-gun organizations that have perverted the words and intent of the Constitution.

Once the citizens are rendered defenseless, the thugs (brownshirts) arrive at your door at dawn, ready and willing to use deadly force.

The corrupt feds did this at Ruby Ridge (murdering a pregnant mother and a boy and his dog, and terrorizing a family), they did it at Waco and many other places, and they’ll continue to do it, until the lovers of Freedom rise up and stop them.

At Waco they were giving a taste of their own damn medicine before they burned US citizens without a trial.

We must never again allow these atrocities to occur.

Leftist Fascists

Our Republic is founded on the principle of presumed innocence until proven guilty.  That idea, along with many other tenets of Liberty, have been discarded and taken over by the most radical of all concepts—the crazed mentality of the lynch mob, where anyone can be tried and convicted across the faceless IP digital landscape.

The leftists are fond of accusing the right of being fascists and following in the footsteps of pre WWII Germany in the 1930s, when in fact it is they (the leftists) who are the fascists.

Roger Stone, whether he is guilty of whatever he’s being accused of or not, has NEVER been labeled a physical threat or a danger to the community. For an entire “take down” platoon to arrive at his doorstep at dawn is the exact scenario that compelled the Founders to pen the Declaration of Independence.

The feds are corrupt. They’re dirty cops enforcing the anti-USA agenda and believe they are the deciding arm regarding elections and other key events of the state.

I am not on the wrong story.

I’m at the heart and center of it.


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