First Cut is the Deepest—The Modern Leftist/Socialist Regurgitation of Old Ideas

First Cut is the Deepest—The Modern Leftist/Socialist Regurgitation of Old Ideas

I am Octavius, a voice of the People of our Country.  I am Publius, a voice that defends our Country from the corrupt government in DC.

Never in my life have I sought to gain a reward from my country I did not earn.  Never did I contemplate playing on the fears and weaknesses of others to gain my living and pay my rent.  Thus, I never considered a career in politics, systematized activism, or crime.

Perhaps it’s because I believe seeking to do for my country, not contemplating what it can do for me, that has led me to a working man’s life

Perhaps it’s because I believe in hard work and gaining from the fruits of my labor, not the extortion of others to pay my way in this world that prevented me from seeking public office.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not a disgruntled bartender, angry with the circumstances of a personal foreclosure, and looking to inflict, with fierce exactitude, a settlement against a country she feels wronged her and her family, that I refrained from believing the lies of socialism.

I’ve never believed that this country, based on Liberty and truth, has wronged me.  Moreover, I could never envision myself marching on the streets of this beloved land of Liberty, telling those who have not worked or earned to the extent of others, yet who believe themselves entitled to the riches of others who they perceive more fortunate than them, that they are correct in their thinking and all they need to do is vote for me and we can exact vengeance against the rich and affluent together.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist, and a newly elected congresswoman from New York, has unambiguously stated exactly this.

Nomenclature aside, in my mind’s eye and across my rational consciousness, a socialist is a socialist regardless how they arrange their title.

The reason I hold the socialist to such a strict delineation is because of their unmistakable savage impact on human history.

In 1930s Germany, the National Socialist German Workers Party, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), also came as a savior to the common workers, the disenfranchised, and the disillusioned and spoke elegantly about how a vote for them meant a better future, and an escape from their plight.

60,000,000 million people died before the NSDAP’s socialistic lies could be eradicated from the human cognizance.

In early 1900s Russia, the Russian Politburo came offering the same reprisal on the rich and assumed privileged of society.

Millions upon millions paid for the lies of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.

At the turn of the twentieth century Mao Zedong appeared as the breath of a new generation, speaking directly to the Chinese youth and ignited a savage and brutal uprising that left countless of millions starving, dead or imprisoned.

Nothing is free, no matter who says it to you.

There is no us versus them.

Those who speak in the divisive platitudes of the socialist mantra, and become infatuated with the hateful prosaicisms of the vengeful socialist, will reap the reward of the beguiled and deceived.

The time to defeat the socialist is as soon as they appear.  They must be stopped and their ideas exterminated at their infancy.  The longer they spew their hatred, the tougher it will be to remove their evil mendacities from the human perception.

Ask the German, Russian, Chinese people of yesteryear about the first cut of the socialist.

It is a deep, savage cut.

Once the socialist draws first blood, it is difficult to stop the bleeding.

Remember the suffering, desperate cries of the millions of victims of socialism the next time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez splashes her magnificent visions of vengeance across your mind.

It’s like the old Janis Joplin classic.

The first cut is the deepest.


Photos: Jenner Vandenhoek, Doug Maloney, Dirk Spijkers

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