Gardener—A Fountain of Gardens, A Well of Living Waters, and The Tree of Life

Gardener—A Fountain of Gardens, A Well of Living Waters, and The Tree of Life

Cool of The Day

Emptied of all earthly significance, yet rich in deific infinite substance, the Gardener touches the soil at the zenith of His emotional ascendency.

All existence comes to an absolute stop.

Far beyond the Quantum of Time, far beyond the inception of Planck Time, the Gardener creates life with the innocence of a child.

Walking in the garden in the cool of the day, the Gardener judiciously chooses only the best soil to plant the seed of life.  Likewise, the seed is germinated through painstaking study and work.

In the cool of the day, a still small voice walks in the garden and I await to feel the peace that surpasses all understanding. Elated by the tranquility of an extraordinary goodwill, I hope to feel the hands of the Gardener reach into my soil and tend to my roots and branches.  I may be imperfect, but the pruning away of my inadequacies leads me to a higher consciousness.

After generations of trimming and reducing the damaged and ruined branches, and removing the insolvent soil, I am left like a refined treasure, full of iridescent luster and unquantifiable beauty.

Life-giver of Arcadia

And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

—Matthew 3:10  KJV

All possibilities are contemplated, all potential is requisite in the garden of the Gardener.

The measurement of every tree in the garden is equated to the perfection of the Tree of Life.  Any tree that does not measure up to the standard of the Tree of Life is destroyed at the root and its remains are burned away, never to be remembered.

It is not cruelty that compels the Gardener to such an absolute, unparalleled ambition toward perfection.  Adequately, it is the objective of the surgeon cutting a cancerous tumor away from a healthy body.  For if the Gardener is lax in His obligatory duties, then the tree will be consumed with disease and malady.  Eventually the tree will become sickly and ultimately die.  Moreover, the sickness of one tree will spread to infect the entire garden.

Likewise, it is in the soil where life originates from.  When the Gardener cuts and pulls out the invading weeds, it is not vindictiveness or malice that moves Him.  Love is his motivation.  The Gardener’s love for His trees drives Him to rip out the weeds that threaten to murder and destroy His precious plantings.

The Gardener is a Life-giver.

The Gardener is Love.

My journey does not end in Eden, Shangri-La, or Heaven.  These destinations are important, but without the Gardener to bring life, their glory will have no meaning.

Without the perfect vigilance of the Gardener, there is no hope for eternity, no chance for Life to endure beyond the threshold of death.

Through the Gardener’s perfect work and labor, a fountain of gardens will be cultivated, and from out of the abundance and fertility within His pure orchards, a well of living waters will pour out.

Life must prevail.

In the end, it is all that matters.

In the midst of the magnificent spectacle of life, the Tree of Life will exist forever.

Photos: Emiel Molenaar, Nix Boulton, Luke Michael, Nikola Jovanovic, Eco Warrior Princess

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