Government Mass Murderer—The Flawed Gun Control Argument of the Leftist Faction

Government Mass Murderer—The Flawed Gun Control Argument of the Leftist Faction

Gun Control Works

Having a gun pointed at you is terrifying.

Facing death at the barrel of a gun is chilling.

To die prematurely because of a bullet, when you still had so much life left to live, is a repulsive and hideous event.

Being unarmed, while another points a gun at you, knowing there is little to nothing you can do to save your life, or the lives of those you love, is a powerless feeling that no one should experience.

It is a terrifying thing to be held at gun point or shot.

No matter if it’s a solitary active shooter, or a hunter-killer squad assigned by our government.

As the death toll in Florida hits us directly in our faces, and tears our hearts apart, the argument of gun control has, once again, taking a prominent position in our conversation and politics.

The arguments haven’t changed since the last major shooting.

Many are calling for change.

They are demanding our government do something.

My question is: Do what?

Take away the rights of US Citizens?

Recent history shows us what happens when government becomes involved in such evil.

Beyond the initial bill and implementation, who decides the limits of gun restriction, or worse yet, repossession?

What is to prevent the government from judging that assault weapons are not the only aim and make a judgment against certain handguns?

What’s next, after that?

Gun control works.

But not to keep citizens safer.

Gun control works by making the government stronger and the people weaker.

Throughout history, this fact has been proven.

Violent Hate

The 9/11 mass murder of three-thousand people used planes not bullets.

A car was used to plow into crowds in Charlottesville, VA. and New York, last year.

Recently, vehicles were used to murder many in Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm, and Barcelona.

The common denominator is hate, not what kind of weapon is used.

When the stimulus is hate, the brain will create a weapon out of anything.

In prison, shanks and shivs are rampant.  This in a relentlessly controlled environment.

If some deranged murderer wants to slaughter innocent people, he/she will find a way to do it.

Unless they are stopped first.

Government Mass Murderers

Throughout human history, individual mass murderers have existed.

Government mass murderers should terrify far more than private mass murderers.

Many of their names are well known.

A leftist argues to take away weapons from the Citizens because the acts of a few.

Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler—they were all leftists who believed in gun-control, and when they achieved it, they murdered countless millions of unarmed Citizens.

I do not wish to trade one serial killer for a far worse one.

The government is a far worse mass murderer than Nicolas de Jesus Cruz could ever dream of being.

The government desires people control.

Their favorite way to achieve this is by playing upon our emotions and manipulating them through false pretenses.

My inclination is always to love my Country—the Republic of the United States of America—and protect it from a government I distrust, even, at times, hate.

It’s Personal

My little sister was shot when she was a child, in a random act of violence.

My Uncle Robert was gunned down, murdered by a gun wielding mob.

I speak from personal pain and experience.

Gun control is not the solution we seek.

Desensitization and Cultural Numbness

The FBI failed to follow up on an obvious “in your face” lead.

The recent FBI debacles are a disgrace to its history, and ours.

Regardless of where anyone sits on the FBI’s “insurance policy” “secret societies” criminal plot, following up on such a clear lead could have prevented the gruesome event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The FBI failed us.

And the cost was high.

And what about us as a society?

The Chicago killings continue despite the existence of severe gun control.

The Bataclan Concert Hall bloodbath in Paris is another testament that severe gun control laws do not keep people safer.

And what about the leftist defending the law-breaking actions of the illegal aliens who illegally cross our sovereign borders every day?

Or the pile of non-viable lumps of cells flushed down the toilet of abortion clinics throughout our country.

Does this not lead to a further disrespect of our laws in the minds of the mentally disturbed and criminally minded?

Does this not lead to desensitization and cultural numbness, and further increase the chances of a “walking time bomb” going off, and a bigger bang occurring?

You Are

Remember, this is how the leftist faction starts.

They don’t solve the problem, they start with half-backed theories and flawed premises, slanted to fit their narrative and anti-USA agenda.

They create issue after issue with their perverted agenda, then punish law-abiding Citizens by taking away their way of life and infringing on their rights.

They tell us it’s for our own good.

The Nazis pushed for Euthanasia of the old, and those in society they judged as unproductive or useless.

They used the method of emotional rectitude.  How ironic.

Who decides what is an appropriate weapon for US Citizens?

The Founders have already created a document that protects against government oppression and tyranny.

The Second Amendment isn’t about “hunting rifles” and sport shooting, etc.

It’s about “arming the Citizenry” and organizing and preparing our People with the means and skills to defend themselves against our government.

Can anyone guarantee protection against our government?

The chairperson of the DNC readily admitted that the DNC “rigged” an election for Hillary Clinton.

The FBI calls itself an “insurance policy” against a presidential candidate getting elected.

History is full of governments controlling and murdering people to maintain power over them.

It is human control, not gun control, that is the ultimate objective here.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, attest to what the government is capable of.

Regardless of the situation—we do not want the government to possess all of the weapons.

We do not want the Citizenry unarmed.

After 9/11, the argument was largely united, and, at times, absent of partisan politics.

Because of the method of destruction, as well as the weapon.

Nonetheless, rather than face the issue and work toward a solution, the leftists always attack the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Recently, Johnny Galecki of TBBT provided opinion on the gun control argument and said that “Change is needed.”

“In my last couple of posts, I’ve not suggested a single idea for new gun laws or background checks or even mental illness issues after the latest school murders in Florida. I only suggested change. And yet many folks were outraged and threatened and angered by only that,” the actor wrote.

Here is my response to him, and many of the other leftists who always go down the path of gun control as a viable solution.

It all depends on what change you wish to bring, and on who you target for change.

Your target should be against the murderers and criminals who perpetrate these hideous crimes.

If you’re another lunatic leftist who blames the NRA and its members, do your research.

The NRA and its members have not committed these shootings.

The Constitution was written 250 years ago by People who possessed enough intelligence to write words that formed our country and still exist today.

If you are looking to change those words—you best ready yourself for a war.

And it won’t be a nineteen-year-old, leftist freak punk you’ll be fighting against.

It’ll be against men and women who still believe in the Constitution’s sacred words.

And Patriots who believe that the Constitution is not the root of the problem.

You are.


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