Government Shutdown—$1 Versus Dirty Politicians, Democrats, and DACA

Government Shutdown—$1 Versus Dirty Politicians, Democrats, and DACA

Would there still be a government shutdown if the DC politicians’ paychecks were at stake?

Before answering, it’s important to identify who the DC politicians are.

Merriam-Webster defines clearly.

1: a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government

2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession

often disparaging  : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons

When I reference the DC politicians, I rarely can look at a lifer politician in the first category.

Lifer politician describes someone who either can’t get things done and needs to keep fighting for a cause to mask his ineptitude.

Or, someone who is holding on to a “gravy train” and approaches government service as a source of income and benefit, rather than the manner in which government service was originally created to be by the Founders.

Case in point: The US employees number 2, 711, 000.

The Bureau of Labor informs us that government employees in the United States government outnumber private sector manufacturing employees by 9,932,000.

No one even knows how many federal agencies exist.

And of all the nearly three million government employees who will not suffer or have their pay suspended are the DC politicians who created this mess.

Poor kids, military personnel and veterans, security guards, and many other low-wage federal contractors will suffer.

All the while the DC politicians will collect their money.

Think about it.

Government shutdown means the legislative and executive branch of our government could not agree and pass a bill to fund the controlling edifices of OUR government.

Yet—even though they failed—the politicians will still make their money.

How many jobs have you had, where if you fail, you get paid?

If you or I fail in our jobs consequences will drastically impact our lives.

Not in DC.

And for what?  What is the underlining reason for the democrats to oppose this funding bill?

The reason for any politician to desire to go to DC is to serve his constituency.  His constituency is not just local, nor his district.

In his service in DC, his constituency is the US population as a whole.

This fight the democrats are involved in is not to curb a rising CPI, or to help the underprivileged, or even to help our military soldiers and veterans.

No, none of the above honorable causes are motivating the democrats to lead us to a government shutdown.

In fact, the reason the democrats are fighting for a government shutdown has NOTHING to do with our country at all.

DACA is not a cause that benefits the United States Citizens—the very people these DC politicians are supposed to be representing.  DACA hurts not only US Citizens, but ALL the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came to the United States by following the rules and laws of our country.

DACA was still another “kick the can down the road” half-backed, undigested, Band-Aid pseudo-measure by the previous president that solved nothing and created a bigger mess than what originally existed.

According to a CNN poll, more than 60% of Americans believe that approving the budget agreement is more important than continuing the DACA program.

I’m not much into polls, nor do I place much stock in them.

However, the leftists are always spouting off about their damn polls.  Well, here’s one time they are keeping silent about a poll they don’t like the results of.

The obvious reason the democrats are fighting for the illegal aliens protected by the half-measure DACA program is because the Democratic Party is losing its power across a vast amount of the political landscape.  They are convinced that if they fight for the illegals, and make way for their unlawful entry into citizenship, that the illegals will repay them with their vote when they become citizens.

Say nothing about the fact that more and more illegals are voting in US elections.  Moreover, the democrats are fighting to, not only bring these illegals into citizenship, but bring many more via “chain illegal migration.”

President Trump receives a $1 salary.  He forwent his customary presidential salary and donated it to worthy causes.

This leaves only two political groups seeking to gain from the 2018 government shutdown.

The dirty politicians and the democrats.

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