HealthCare Vote Failure, Take A Knee, Take the Money—My Musings on Res Publica

HealthCare Vote Failure, Take A Knee, Take the Money—My Musings on Res Publica

He can do whatever he wants

“John McCain was willing to die for this country, and he can vote any way he wants to, and it doesn’t matter to me in terms of friendship.

He can do whatever he damn wants to. He’s earned that right.”

—Lindsey Graham

This is what is terribly wrong with our Republic, and so dangerous to our liberty.

No, John McCain has not earned the right to do whatever he damn well pleases.  He is bound to serve his constituents, moreover, serve his country.

To portray this in an emotional way, or to interject friendship into the senatorial process is insane.

Senators and representatives are not in DC to back their friends or form personal bonds with others.

They are there to legislate.

While forming business bonds is a necessary process, personal bonds should be outside the confines of government.

John McCain ran, and was elected, on “Repeal and Replace” and he has repeatedly gone against the trust of those who elected him.

This is betrayal that should be condemned.

Take A Knee, Take the Money—The Pretense of the Take a Knee Movement

The Republic of the United States fought a war against racism which cost the lives and limbs of over 800, 000 US Citizens.

No matter how many times liberals and leftists say it, their argument that the United States is systematically and institutionally racist does not hold water.

Nonetheless, let us reason together.

If they believe that the United States is systematically and institutionally racist, why are so many people willing to risk their lives to get here?

To go further, why do they remain here, for that matter?  Many of these USA-haters have the means to leave our country.  So then, why do they stay—if they believe that the United States is such a terrible and racist country?

Likewise, if they insist on believing that the United States is institutionally racist, how have we made so much progress and have so many minorities making a lot of money and succeeding here, including them?  How was a black president elected if the United States is so racist?

Let us continue with their argument.  If they believe that the United States is institutionally racist, for its 241 years of existence, then, certainly, they are part of the problem.

By their own admission—their argument has not worked.

Furthermore, if their argument has not worked, why are they still using the same argument to speak out against it?  I mean—why, on earth, are they still using the same argument if—by their own admission—racism is still ubiquitous throughout the USA culture?

Don’t they think it is time to create a “new dialogue” to combat the systematic racism they accuse our country of having?

How about showing us a new vision.  Because right now, all we are seeing is the same old rhetoric, the same old argument—over and over.

The NFL players have been convicted of many criminal offenses: wife and girlfriend beating, illegally carrying unregistered firearms, fighting in bars, assault and murder.  The list is endless.

We’ve seen it all before.

Then the liberals and the leftists say, “Don’t judge them by the actions of the few.”

But then the liberals and leftists turn around and judge the police force, as a whole, for the actions of a few cops.

A more compelling question is—Why take a knee?

Don’t they realize the symbolic significance to the act of bowing down their knee?

By taking a knee, essentially, they’re saying that the “white man” (that’s who their protest is targeted toward) is better and stronger than they are.

This message—in and of itself—is pure racism.

Racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

The “take a knee” movement originated out of the “Black Lives Matter” organization.

Black Lives Matter is a racist group.

By signaling out skin-color, they are perpetrating the very racism they supposedly are against.

Black Lives Matter called for cop-hating and cop-killing.

Is that what the take a knee protesters stand for?

Many liberals are being deceived by entities who hate USA culture.  Rather than moving forward, they are moving backwards.

Here in the United States the saying goes: Put your money where your mouth is.

In that context, if the NFL players want to make a statement, how better than give up their money for their cause.

Why not give up their paychecks and donate all of their money to helping the people who they claim they care so much for?

They don’t do that.

Instead they take a knee… and then take the USA money.

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