Hillary Clinton’s Hate List—Catholics, Latinos Next on “Deplorables” Compilation

Hillary Clinton’s Hate List—Catholics, Latinos Next on “Deplorables” Compilation

Hillary Clinton Hates Catholics, Latinos, and (why stop there) even fellow leftists.

Her hatred is deep and full of decades of pent up, loathsome rage and aversion.


As more and more revelations come out—not from the “Pravda-like” leftist media that has perverted and dishonored the once accurate and trustworthy United States Media, but from WikiLeaks, an international non-profit journalistic organization—the abhorrence, detestation, and utter loathing coming from Hillary Clinton, and her campaign team of haters, is virtually ignored by the media.

Their excuse?

The media—in their degenerate and reprobate court of pseudo-journalistic dishonesty—adjudicate and condemn upon the flimsy structure that unsubstantiated allegations are suitable to print as fact, while known, substantiated facts, are to be disregarded and left to go unreported.

The choice and selection of their reporting determined by the candidate of their choice, and against the candidate they detest.


While this has been the trend in our country for the past one hundred plus years, the level of warped, slanted media reporting has grown to an intolerable level of sewer equivalence.

Of a certainty, the media has greatly influenced and decided the outcome of the past two presidential elections.

This, besides their effect and sway upon the local outcomes of our elections.

Wherever we may be, whatever our endeavor, the immoral scope and influence of the modern media’s tentacles is sure to pervert the meaning and intent of our purpose.

Whereas before, the United States media played a vital and necessary part in preserving our Liberty, now they are a deviant assemblage of media mob pseudo-journalists, hell-bent on getting their preferred candidate elected—US Citizens be damned.

The disgusting, revolting reporting of the pseudo-journalists—stripped away of any and all pretense—is immoral, as it is malignant.

The gruesome consequences of the iniquitous fake media content fomenting within the entrails of the reader and viewer leads to civil dissonance, racial hatred, and political upheaval.

Attacking the healthy host, that was once the strong body of the United States, with an unremitting battering of media lies and distortion is certain to bring the swift tumorous death of our culture.

There is only one salvation—only one path to the restoration of our USA Liberty.

There is only one Liberator—only one Savior much esteemed in the heart of Independence—who can save our precious Republic from the baneful assaults of those who seek to destroy its meaning, and obliterate it from history’s memory.

The Savior of our Republic—the Liberator of our Freedom—is not found in high partisan offices, nor the now debauched halls of our DC government edifices.

Such a perfect Redeemer could not stand the stench of the corruption that drenches DC’s cesspool of political depravity.

Such a great and noble spirit could not reside alongside such political malpractice and disgraceful venality.

Only outside DC’s offensive and unholy seats and chairs, that once housed our noble dreams for our posterity, could such a self-effacing spirit exist.

It is the spirit of the United States Patriot who must stand boldly against such sinister forces and destroyers of our culture.

It is the United Sates Citizen who must enter boldly into the revolting halls of our corrupt government—willing to pay the costly price for our Liberty—and remove the foul, noxious creatures who have seized power at the expense of our Freedom.











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