Immoral Betrayal—The Tangled Web of the Leftist Socialist Democrat

Immoral Betrayal—The Tangled Web of the Leftist Socialist Democrat

All during the non-negotiation pretense leading to, and moving beyond, the longest governmental shutdown in our Republic’s history, the socialist democrats, who control every facet of the Democratic Party, referred to the border wall proposed by President Trump as immoral and costly.

The pretentious, condescending manner in which the deceit and treachery oozed from the mouths of the mealy-mouthed, lifer politicians who have corrupted all manner of honor in DC made me want to gag and vomit.

The wall’s costly and immoral to them because the President wishes to keep a promise he made to those who elected him, and bring safety to the many victimized citizens and families, who have suffered mutilation, even death, at the hands of the criminal elements and drug cartels who endlessly cross our border, and illegally enter our country.

Not too long ago—just a few years back—these same democrats called for a wall, exactly as the wall the president has proposed.

Refusing to compromise or negotiate on any key point offered up by the President, the socialist-democrats went on vacation, instead of remaining in DC to try to work through the stalemate.  To make things even worse, the socialist-democrats didn’t even bother to offer a workable counteroffer in their breakneck exodus to hit the beaches, leaving behind a political wreck and countless of governmental workers and their families to struggle to make ends meet while they frolicked in the sun and waves, on our money.

Is this not the epitome of immoral?

Think about this: President Trump has refused a salary the entire time of his presidency. During the government shutdown, meanwhile, most government workers also did not receive their wages.

President Trump is fighting for the safety of the citizens of our country and the preservation of our republic in his fight to build the “smart” wall.  He’s doing so without pay.

This is the essence of moral principles.

The president’s compensation is paid to him in his conscience seat, knowing he kept Americans safe and fulfilled a major campaign promise to our country.

As for the socialist-democrats, they collected every last dime of their pay, during the entire shutdown.

The socialist-democrats were well paid during the shutdown.  In fact, they were the only ones who got fully paid in DC, even as others less fortunate didn’t.  They didn’t donate their entire compensation, like the president does, to ease the suffering of the people they are supposed to be governing.  No, of course not.  They took their money, suffering people be damned.

The president was a statesman worthy of our country and ended the shutdown for the same reason he desires to build a wall on our border—to help the suffering American people.  Nonetheless, the media is portraying him in a negative light and claiming he backed down from the political fight.  In contrast, the socialist-democrats are being described as victors, and many in the media are classifying them as brilliant strategists.


But while the president’s actions were the definition of moral values, the actions of the socialist-democrats were immoral in every way imaginable.  And still they persist in calling the wall the citizens of our country voted for in 2016 immoral.

There’s an old adage that describes the utter contrast between the moral actions of President Trump and the immoral actions of the socialist-democrats.  If you want to uncover the corruption that reeks through the halls of congress you must follow its truth.

Follow the money.

The president doesn’t get paid with currency to work on behalf of the US citizens, so the trail is an easy one to follow.


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