In My Father’s House—The Mansion of My Eternity

In My Father’s House—The Mansion of My Eternity


The transcendent Carpenter is a master craftsman, possessed of a humble core.  With hands unparalleled, He dares to build things not built by flesh and blood. Irrespective of earthly material, the Carpenter’s unspoiled quest, in pursuit of perfection, declares the construction and reconstruction of temples. Willing to risk everything to build heavenly mansions in Paradise, His artistic creation is a joyous revelation of love and family.  By His humble spirit, in the perception of the most basic human need, the Carpenter made a promise to His family.

A promise of shelter from cold, thirst, and hunger.

With methodical care, the Carpenter measures out the dimension of love.  Before a piece of wood is cut, before a nail is pounded, the Carpenter’s tools ensure that the precise height and width of hallowed emotions fasten the foundation of His family’s home to the strong ground.  Zealous in the groundwork to build a home capable of existing beyond eternity, the Carpenter carefully cuts the cornerstone to the divine perfection of omnipotence.

Nothing is more important than the true and level anchor of the home into the bedrock.  Exactly placing block upon block, through precept upon precept, thereafter He lays the filling and grout of immaculateness.  Each layer of the foundation is judiciously marked and set, strong enough to escape the terror of destruction against the mighty storm.

The Resurrection

With heart and simplicity, the Carpenter creates the strength of the home through the keystone, reinforcing the substance of the footing to the absolute strength of Heaven.  By His preparation, the home will forever be able to sustain, nurture, and protect the divinest of the family: the child.

With the child, happiness, joy and peace that only a Deity can conceive enters and dwells in the home.  From this innocent beginning, the Carpenter constructs a home through the visions of His soul.  Unable to contain the lowly spirit of the Carpenter’s pure heart, Heaven proclaims the wondrous works of His hands across the galactic splendor.  Past the nebulas of the northern sky, since the beginning, the Carpenter has been preparing a place for His family.  A place that the eye has never seen, nor the mind has ever imagined, neither has entered the heart of humanity.

The Carpenter’s home is the dwelling place of His family.  A safe refuge from the cold of the world, His home is a place of love and happiness.  The imposing stature, and impressive workmanship of His mansion, only becomes His family’s home when love resides in its heights and breadths.  Within the mansion built by the Carpenter, a love lives that can never fade away, or die. A love unconquerable, invincible.

Love is the cornerstone wherein all life resides, and death will never enter the gates of the Carpenter’s home.

I am convinced that the perfection of the Carpenter has constructed a home to stand the test of time.  And in the glorious day of the Resurrection, by the mathematics of the tetrahedron, I will live in a mansion constructed by His hands.


Edited by: Crystal Durnan

Photos: Ashish Allam, Kate Zh, Christoph Schmid, Juan Gomez, Karl Fredrickson, Shelby Miller, vivek kumar

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