Inject It—Witmer Muzzled and Biden’s Vaccination Double Talk

Inject It—Witmer Muzzled and Biden’s Vaccination Double Talk

Governor Witmer’s $1.1 Million Wall

On July 15th, in a move that loudly sounded in the governor’s mansion, the Michigan Senate authorized a petition that reverses the governor’s emergency situation powers.  Another approval is expected by the state’s lower chamber.

Witmer can do nothing to stop it.

With the governor’s veto power gone, a semblance of sanity appeared to be on the horizon.

With our heads still exploding and our pocketbook’s still reeling from Governor Witmer’s $1.1 million electric fence (Last I knew the governor was all against fences and walls. Refer to her tweets denouncing President Trump’s wall) it was a sanity long needed.

But then enters Biden, an un-presidential president who has lost all control of rationality and prudence.  His latest insanity is to inform the Pentagon to begin the process of making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all government employees, including military personnel.  This while the vaccine has not yet been approved by the FDA.

What Constitutional foundation does the president base his executive order upon?

The only national security issue would be the result of a mandating a vaccine that has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Double Talk

In 2020, both Harris and Biden were asked about taking the vaccine.  Below are their answers.

Harris said:

Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump. And it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach. I — no, I will not take his word.”

Biden said:

“The way he (Trump) talks about the vaccine is not particularly rational. He’s talking about it being ready, he’s going to talk about moving it quicker than the scientists think it should be moved… People don’t believe that he’s telling the truth, therefore they’re not at all certain they’re going to take the vaccine. And one more thing: If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that need to be done, and the trials that are needed to be done.”

They were allowed to question and cast aspersions about President Trump, and free to resist the president, but now that they’re in the White House, we have to take them at their word.  Biden now mandating the vaccine that has not yet been approved by the FDA is incredibly deceitful and insincere.

I do not trust Biden or Harris to mow my lawn.

I certainly will not trust them if my life depends on it.

They can take their mandate…and inject it.

Photos: Emin Baycan, Hakan Nural


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