“Insurance Policy”—The Illegal Plot of the Leftist Faction to Elect the President of the United States

“Insurance Policy”—The Illegal Plot of the Leftist Faction to Elect the President of the United States

These are dangerous times in our Country.

Things have been brewing for some time and there appears to be no end in sight.

According to some in the internet, there is some question as to the choice of words Jesse Watters used during his interview with Kellyanne Conway, specifically one, and whether it was appropriate.

“Coup” is the appropriate word.

An FBI agent doesn’t flash a badge and decide who our next president will be.

The FBI declares that employees are able to express their own personal opinions, outside of their job descriptions, and maintains that they are still able to conduct an impartial investigation.

That is not what the facts show.

These texts weren’t opinion rhetoric—a US Citizen expressing their political point of view to another US Citizen.  No.  These were text messages placing themselves within a conceived plot to damage a presidential candidate and prevent said candidate from being elected.

In his texts, Strzok referred to himself as an “insurance policy.”

He further named the outcome he was an insurance policy for.

He declared himself an insurance policy to prevent Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump.

In a court of law, that is quantified as “Intent to commit.”

He texted: “We can’t let that happen.” (Candidate Trump from becoming President Trump)

He texted: “I’m riled up.  I can’t pull away.”

First of all, who’s “we”?

In this text, Strzok seems to imply a plot larger than himself, or else he would have worded his text in the singular “I”.  For him to denote “we” clearly suggests there is more at work than just an agent giving his personal opinion.

Furthermore, why did Special Counsel remove Agent Strzok from the Russian Collusion investigation?  Especially considering the gravity and supposed importance of the investigation.

According to all known data, Agent Strzok was a “super-agent”.  Some have even suggested that he was able to conduct a thorough and fair investigation, regardless of his political favoritisms.

Moreover, Strzok was involved in every single major investigation, in the long string of investigations into wrong doing, from Hillary Clinton’s private server investigation—which her law-breaking team succeeded in covering up—to the unfounded Trump-Russia dossier counterintelligence operation.

If he was so involved through all of this, wouldn’t he be a critical piece of the investigation now?  Yet, Mueller removed him in the middle of the ongoing investigation that has carried on for nearly a year.

I find that extremely odd and inconsistent with the model of a well-run investigation.

Several agents asserted that Mueller had removed Strzok to protect the integrity of the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

If Agent Strzok was a high-quality, honest agent, why would his removal protect the integrity of the investigation?  It would stand to reason that removing a quality agent from an investigation would lessen its effectiveness and damage its integrity.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) suggested in a hearing with FBI Director Chris Wray that Strzok is up to his eyeballs in the illegal Spygate Conspiracy against the Trump Campaign.

“Here’s what I think Director Wray.  I think Peter Strzok, head of counter intelligence at the FBI, Peter Strzok the guy who ran the Clinton investigation and did all the interviews, Peter Strzok, the guy who was running the Russia investigation at the FBI, Peter Strzok, Mr. ‘Super Agent’ at the FBI, I think he’s the guy who took the application to the FISA court…and if that happened…if you have the FBI working with the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research, dressing it all up and turning it into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they can spy on the other campaign…if that happened…that’s as wrong as it gets.”

Representative Jordan paints an ugly, evil picture.

Taken at face value, it is safe to say that Strzok is only one of a unit of leftist hired guns.

Throughout history, it’s always been the leftist faction who has pursued violent measures to fulfill their political agenda.

The leftist faction has incessantly believed that their hearts and minds are bigger and smarter than ours.

Therefore, I promote high vigilance and full alert to all Patriots.

The time to stop these law-breakers is now.  This kind of filth will only get bolder if we do not take action against their lawlessness.

Hard choices are before us.

As for me—Libertas Aut Mors is my mantra, and my weapons are the tools to secure my freedom.

I call upon the Patriot Army of the Republic of the United States to rise as one and unite against the leftist faction that seeks to destroy our USA culture.

I am Octavius, a voice of the People of our Country.

I am Publius, a voice that defends our Country from the corrupt government in DC.

Deo vindice





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