Jovian Spark

Jovian Spark

Erstwhile a despondent shadow upon the vestiges of my heart painted across the shades and obscurities of a cold space

She reflects the elegant light of a fresh start within untested softness of temperate lace

Did not Beethoven’s symphonic rage proclaim her unspoiled brightness?

Did not Mozart’s Jovian masterpiece declare her excellent hunger?

Out of raging autumn vortexes, she draws my strength and likeness to her kindly soul of exquisite light and wonder

Brushstrokes of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, an opus in 4 levels of sunshine she appears in a dream and whispers a predestined rhyme

From the clouds plummets the raindrop’s scent

A fated branch calls forth a divine event

Caught between length and time, among the common weed

A spark of life, a desperate need

Falls from the tree a forgotten seed

Shakespearian verses tell of springtime blossoms

reflected across the glimmering dew of her heart

I dread the distance spread between us

and die with quickness each moment we’re apart

A secret hidden beyond my cold fears

‘Neath heaven’s light, her breasts comfort the infant’s tears

cherishing the joyful emergence of a child’s laughter

A poem by Baltazar (Alex) Bolado

For a beautiful, dear Friend

Photos  Zain Bhatti and Julia Caesar

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