Kill Everything—An Earthly Soil Cultivation Toward Spiritual Life and Eternity

Kill Everything—An Earthly Soil Cultivation Toward Spiritual Life and Eternity

We are cancer.

Living inside of us, the immortal cells are not a mistake, nor even a mutation.

They are within us for a purpose.

Like fire, controlled they are a relevant and critical part of our eternal living existence.  Unrestrained, unloosed from the divine guidance of the original creation, they are deadly through, and because, of their aberrant, phony animation.

Cancer is a choice.

Perhaps not always a disposed judgement, often the result of deception, nevertheless, cancer is a creation of our doing, principally our ultimate conclusion.

The terminal decision to create immortal cellular material, while existing within a mortal vessel, is biotic suicide.

Partly, cancer is the mind’s defense against a hatred of a situation.  Worse, a self-hatred.

Cancer is also confusion.  The mind, in a state of bewilderment, initiates the manufacture of the immortal cells, absent of divine guidance and paradise’s law.

By preserving telomeres, the chromosomes translate healthy replication information, allowing for precise, accurate reproduction.

In recent studies, scientists studying the relationship of telomeres to cancer made an extraordinary breakthrough: the cellular action of autophagy actually promotes the death of cells, essentially preventing cancer imitation.

The idea and motive of cancer is to create another person—another life.

This new entity is manifested by the cancer.

Through the “new creation” action of redemption, the motive is to kill the “old creation.”  However, this teaching is a spiritual conclusion, not a physical one.

By this illumination, we can determine that cancer—being a physical, not a spiritual undertaking—is an earthly mission, not a spiritual enterprise.

With this truth, we are commissioned to make war against cancer with all our being, not to survive, but for a much deeper reason.

The cause of our war against cancer is to defeat cancer’s motives.  Left uncontrolled, cancer will attempt to make a “new life” outside the realm of spiritual law.  If successful, cancer will determine a different person, an imposter.

Jesus came to earth to conquer death and bring us life more abundantly. Therefore, we must live our lives, and be our truthful, most precise uniqueness and rare expression, not an imitation.  We must war to be and live who we are.

Jesus is the life-giver.

Cancer is a counterfeit life.  A lie.

Ultimately, the immortal cells are unleashed on a mortal body, prior to transfiguration, and overwhelm its ability to subsist.

In such an occurrence—when mortality provokes immortality—there can only be one outcome: physical and spiritual death.

Oncogenesis Transformation—A Precise Biopsy

If cancer is a choice, to reverse cancer, corporeal anti-progression and anti-development must become a truth, a way, and a life.  The definition of immortality.

Cancer can only be controlled when everything that is earthly alive within us is dead.

The mindset is to kill everything physical—tissue, organs, flesh, even mind.  To prevail against the “new person” attempting to take our place.

In spiritual Life through physical death, the spiritually reborn new creation takes the place of the flesh and blood old creation, thus leading to eternal Life. Likewise, in the corporeal, the defective physical cells, seeking a perverted path to immortality, must die if the immortal cells of eternal life are to be translated.

By killing everything physical, only spiritual life beyond the earthly can remain, and actual eternal life can take place.

Photos: Joel Filipe, Drew Hays, Ken Treloar

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