Leftist Media Propaganda Monstrosities

Leftist Media Propaganda Monstrosities

As expected, the leftist propaganda machine was in full force before, during, and especially after the debate.

While I could go through the entire leftist media machine, I will refrain from performing such an exhaustive effort.

It’s not necessary.

CNN—one of the biggest leftist media monstrosities, who for decades has been promulgating such slanted pseudo journalism—once again, led the charge against the “outsider” “antiestablishment” presidential candidate, Donald Trump; all the while, propping up and slanting the preliminary news cycle in favor of their preferred “insider” “establishment” candidate, Hillary Clinton.

As in previous debates and political events in this election cycle, CNN had a pre-debate and post-debate panel of so called experts.  It was a 9 panel forum—including the moderator.

Out of the 9 CNN panelists—only 2 were in support of Trump—7 were Clinton supporters.

So right from the start—as can be expected—where did the spin lead to?

Well, of course, if seven of the nine panelists are Clinton supporters they’re going to say that Clinton—the leftist, establishment candidate won the debate.

They listed every single item where they felt that Clinton hurt Trump.  All the while dismissing, or completely ignoring, the many times Trump bludgeoned Clinton over her 33, 000 deleted emails, her poor judgment, or lack thereof, of placing highly sensitive and highly classified material in her own private server, and her atrocious judgment in foreign policy deals, namely, the Iran deal, that is certain to lead to Iran acquiring nuclear weapons sometime in the near future.

This is another replay of 2008 and 2012.  A blatant attempt by the leftist media propaganda system to lie and distort fact and reality to favor their desired candidate.

Beyond CNN’s giant leftist media network, observe this particular yahoo article that lists one single item as the singular impression of the entire debate.

Ninety minutes of debate, and this one single item is all that this pseudo journalist hack reports.


CNN and yahoo are two examples of many instances of pseudo journalism that occurred throughout the night in most media outlets.

It’s an old ploy by the leftist media that has occurred far too many times in past US presidential election campaigns.

It is the reason why 70% of US Citizens not only distrusts the media, but believe that the media is intentionally biased.


Both candidates got in their good points.

Both candidates made mistakes, some more flagrant than others.

In the end—as is usually the case in many elections—it all depends on who you ask, and how you ask them, that will answer the question as to who won the debate.

I will leave it at this: even if Trump and Clinton tied in their debate spectacle, Trump won.

Coming into the debate—Clinton had far more to lose than Trump.

She needed to blow Trump out of the water to stop the hemorrhaging in her campaign, and halt Trump’s surge in the polls.

Clearly she didn’t.

And even the leftist media machine—who fully supports lifer, corrupt politician Clinton, despite her endless scandals—cannot lie her out of that fact.



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