Libertas Aut Mors —The Sacred Idea of All Free People

Libertas Aut Mors —The Sacred Idea of All Free People

In these turbulent times, along Liberty’s destined course, it is easy for many to become despondent, unsure where to turn to, even who or what to believe in.

At our low times, we must not give in to the temptation to give up, or to become so exhausted that we give less than our utmost effort to study and educate ourselves in the ways of independence and self-governance.

I—for one—refuse to become weakened by the constant ideological battle that is raging across our country.

Our Republic is worth all of my energies and pains.

Under my feet, I feel the pulse of Liberty.  Although fragile and unstable, I can still sense a cognizance that nurtures and resuscitates a weary spirit to stand and fight against oppression and tyranny.

In 1776, we became the Land of the Free.

In 1861, we declared war against slavery.

Throughout the illustrious history of the United States, it has been the home of Emancipation.

Never has a country provided such a bright light to stave off the darkness and evil that compels humanity to imprison and murder, with the evil intent to hold and maintain power over the defeated.

The goal—the lifetime vow of the Patriot—is to never expose our country to the terrifying desperateness that allows the savage and the brutal to vanquish our Freedom.  We—the Patriots of Liberty—must stand as one, ready to fight to the death to preserve our Independence, so that never will our people have to stand before the conqueror.

Vae victis! has been the fearful rallying cry of the Free since the dawn of Liberty.  Taking lesson from the humble freedom fighters—the original teachers of Freedom—who tiled the sacred ground of Latium, out of the lowly soil was conceived the hallowed idea of all free people.

The idea that gives hope to the enslaved, strength to the brokenhearted, and life to the lost.

All ideas of Liberty originate out of Roma.  For there, astride the Tiber’s everlasting watercourse, was born an idea so fragile that only the bravest can hope to preserve its truth and meaning.

Wherever there are people oppressed—there will rise this sanctified idea, which will mature, if properly nurtured, into a substance stronger than iron and steel.

The idea of the Republic, wherein is endowed upon the People the power of self-governance.

When you feel tired and afraid, and don’t believe you can go on, remember the many who have lived under the warm light of liberty.  Moreover, recall the many who—under hopeless odds—gave their lives so that we could breathe the sacred words that even the coldness of their graves cannot hold or kill.

Let us love the Republic of the United States of America, as only Patriots can love a homeland.

I am Octavius—the voice of the people.

I am Publius—the voice of Liberty.

Publius: Libertas Aut Mors

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

—President Thomas Jefferson

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