Lost and Found Colony—A Preamble to Our Modern Independence

Lost and Found Colony—A Preamble to Our Modern Independence

Once again, when it comes to political corruption and dirty politic schemes, the DNC and its billionaire candidates, are about to take our country into the muck and human waste on a scale — monetarily and socially — we’ve never witnessed.

There they are, the so-called “salt of the earth” democrats leading the way into the lowest depths of human nature, and the highest degrees in political corruption.

To the democrats, the presidency is nothing more than a crown, and the White House nothing more than a real estate transaction.

Gone are the false pretenses and the phony highbrow tactics, the democrats are suffused with hate and are willing to take any action, culture and people be damned, to retain their hold on power.

Money is no object, ideology is cursorily sacrificed—their horrible ends justifying their sordid means—the democrats long ago sold their souls to the devil.

Openly brazen in their socialist blueprint, absent of actual arithmetic, rhyme or reason, the democrats openly flaunt their warped, malformed campaign platforms with the bravado and swagger of “in the making socialist oppressors.”

All that remains of the democratic party is some olden political embalming and once proud and rich slogans long dead and buried.

Having more money than God, the leftist/socialist/democrats believe because they are for sale, we, the free people of the Lost and Found Colony, are also up for sale.  Because they are empty and void of all human decency, they believe that we, the free people and progenies of the original Thirteen sovereign states, are also inhumane and callous.

God forbid that their stain against our culture and liberty succeed.

Let us swear an undying oath to ourselves and our posterity that we will never allow their corruption and hatred to usurp our freedom culture and way of Liberty.

Let us live and die as free men and women, under the light of Independence.



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