LSD War—My Struggle Against the Leftist / Socialist / Democrat Movement

LSD War—My Struggle Against the Leftist / Socialist / Democrat Movement

On cue with their war to prevent—at all cost—the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Emma Gonzalez, one of the leading leftist promoters urging our country to move toward socialism, spoke out viciously against the judge.  Using personal attack, social status, and skin color as her modus operandi, Gonzalez used an old, scripted, harangue straight out of the leftist playbook.

This is no surprise. No startling revelation.

Not only was her diatribe a retread of old leftist ideas, she regurgitated the same ancient syntactic hierarchy and groupings to assault the constant target the leftists have had their sights on for generations: the privileged white male. (Their wording)

While it’s disheartening, and quite frankly revolting, that such a young mind would be using such familiar ancient leftist arguments and lines of attack against the same old targets, it is revealing.

The leftist playbook not only doesn’t change in its communication schemes, it also doesn’t modify its message.  Since before 1860, fast forward to now, the leftist message has remained the same.

The evil taking place in our country, in the modern era, is that leftism/socialism is coming at us from a liberal rat hole within the Democratic Party.

Liberalism is dying, nearly dead.

Never have I declared liberalism an enemy of our country.

I was raised by a JFK liberal.

The enemy of our country is a much more sinister adversary.  An enemy that has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people and destroyed many countries.

The rise of Bernie Sanders has ushered in a new era that has distorted the internal Democratic Party mechanics and shoved the entire liberal platform of the party to the far side of its central platform.  What we have now is a grotesque reality that defies logic, boggles the mind, and leaves even the strongest stomach nauseated and in shocked unbelief at its alteration.

Ours is not the first country leftism/socialism has taken such deep root.  What makes the modern version such a foul development is its threatened conclusion: a mutation intensely horrid and deadly.

Anarcho-communism is a cruel, heartless alteration that deprives the worker the chance to recover even the feeblest remuneration for his labor.  But regardless of the communist mutation taking place within the Democratic Party, its final result is clear.

Arising out of hallucinogenic political madness and social anarchy, the leftist/socialist progression is unchanged from its other variations.  Cut out of the fabric of liberalism, a new vileness has emerged.

The leftist/socialist/democrat (LSD).

Analogous to the psychedelic experience steeped in illusion, the leftist/socialist/democrat of today is a champion and fanatical defender of an idealistic state that is not grounded in reality.  Like a bad trip, the state is the omniscient lord of the working class and all compensation due the worker is surrendered to its intellectual governing body and into its insatiable coffers.

In the image of a terrifying creature out of a mind-altering experience, the leftist/socialist/democrat tirelessly labors, not for the worker, but for a heartless edifice that cares only for its own existence.  Unlike Marxism, the anarcho-communist philosophy is not concerned with constructing a better way of life for the labor force, rather it demands only a better existence for itself, not permitting even the most basic proletarian vision to exist.

From out a heartless hallucination of Shangri-La take and seizure, the hoary apparition of a munificent, limitless reservoir of social tranquility is depicted.  Only after much suffering and heartache is it discovered that no such reservoir exists.

In the end, the warped reality endlessly demands more and more and provides less and less to those who produce the goods and services.

What makes Gonzalez’s attack so appalling is that it reveals the profane motive of the modern leftist/socialist/democrat.

Hatred of white skin.

Racist to the core, the leftist/socialist/democrat not only hates white skin, he hates every facet of the USA because he associates it with white skin.

The delusions of the leftist/socialist/democrat are full of distortion, incessant hate, and unspeakable violence. As in other times in history, the emergence of the leftist/socialist/democrat is a horrid apparition and a dangerous manifestation.  The fact that the objective is to establish first theory, then governance, of anarcho-communism increases the danger.

The popularity of Bernie Sanders, and his continued presence within American politics, should serve as a warning to all those who love our country and wish to hold on to the freedom it provides.

The emergence and acceptance of the modern leftist/socialist/democrat, hell-bent on ensconcing an anarcho-communistic regime, should energize all citizens, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican.

If we fail to take heed, our USA culture will serve as a bullet point historical reference upon anarcho-communism’s accession in the United States.


Photos: Dirk Spijkers, Doug Maloney, Samuel Zeller

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