“Mafia Style” – Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

“Mafia Style” – Clinton’s Presidential Campaign


Presidential candidates are known by the campaign managers they keep.

Trump’s gone through two because, while they assisted him, they did not convey the image and message he desired.

Through the presidential campaign, Clinton’s maintained one single campaign manager.

As could be expected by leftist propaganda, Trump’s campaign managers have been relentlessly attacked.

In the meanwhile, the leftist media has left Clinton’s campaign manager virtually alone, isolated (insulated) to do as he pleases without so much as a façade of media scrutiny.

While this was to be expected, what makes this extremely disconcerting is the names and designations Clinton’s campaign manager has used for himself.  Names that fully speak and describe the manner and style of the campaign he runs for Clinton.

Robby Mook refers to himself as a Mafioso, and his campaign staff is referred to as the “Mook Mafia.”

Moreover, his campaign style is one that adheres to “mafia-style” tactics.  In fact, Mook’s rallying cries are filled with offensive idioms that augment his brash, partisan flair.

In uncovered, leaked emails, Mook cajoles his staffers to “smite Republicans mafia-style” and “punish those voters.”

These emails could be readily dismissed, except for the fact that Mook’s entire career has been saturated with such statements, more importantly, such acts.

What having Mook as the campaign manager for her presidential campaign says about Clinton is as old as her career in politics.

Only gaining votes matters.  How they’re gotten matters not.

“smite Republicans mafia-style,” “punish those voters.”

To witness the demise of Paul Manafort, amide the penetrating scrutiny of Yahoo News’s relentless probing, while observing the little attention given to such an acrimonious figure as Mook, reveals much about the US media.

It clearly denotes an agenda.

I have often observed and recounted Yahoo News’s sinister dealings and their role in streaming leftist propaganda.  What is extremely bothersome, is why more do not condemn Yahoo News for being a major player in the biased reporting assailing the USA daily, and denounce them for the major role they played in the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential Elections.

Without Yahoo News’s direct and indirect involvement—through means of biased articles posted on their vast site, to the biased, slanted investigative reporting, even to their suppression of negative reports concerning the candidate they favored—the current president could not have won the White House.

While the entire structure of the US media leans far left, Yahoo News and the Huffington Post are two of the most egregious at slanted, leftwing reporting.

It will only get worse from now until November.



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