Maskless and Not Paying Attention—From Dancing to Civil War

Maskless and Not Paying Attention—From Dancing to Civil War

No Mask, No Problem—Unless It’s You or Me

In now-deleted footage posted by singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, Obama was seen celebrating his birthday dancing without a mask and ignoring the 6-foot social distancing rule we’ve all been lectured to follow.

Apparently, the privileged and the elite don’t have to follow such instructions.

To top it off, he embraced another maskless dancer and danced with many other maskless dancers.

If it’s you or me, here comes Fauci and his band of blind science goons to call for our arrest.

This is the kind of sickening hypocrisy that Trump was accused of.

No One’s Paying Attention

Even though we’re to believe that Biden came from nearly a million votes behind in Pennsylvania and over half a million votes behind in Michigan and Wisconsin, in little over an hour, all the enthusiasm he’s able to generate is small crowds.  Small crowds that heckle.

Like the conservatives, liberals, and centrists, he’s been ignoring, the small crowd—full of maskless individuals—got a taste of his condescending snub.

If Trump would’ve said, “Let them talk (let them holler), no one’s listening,” the media would have been all over him.  But Biden isn’t their target, so he can be as un-presidential as he likes.  No worries.

Civil War

In a time of great divide in our country, looking to leadership to bring direction and unity to our country is not possible.

In multiple instances, recently, Biden has uttered toxic rhetoric explicitly citing the Civil War.

If President Trump would’ve said the words President Biden did, the media would’ve been in an uproar. Instead, the media is customarily silent, now that President Trump is out of office.

Trump was accused of being immature, offensive, and unfit for the presidency.  Yet, Biden is allowed a complete pass for doing and saying far worse.

For the words “Civil War” to come from the mouth of a president is total dereliction of duty.

A president is supposed to unite, we were told for 4 years.

Again, now that a president of their choice is in office, who cares about uniting our country?

I’m totally sick of the double-talk, double-standard of the dysfunctional modern journalist.

One size should fit all when it comes to the White House.

What I will say to the divider president in the White House: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.




Photos: Logan Weaver, Mario Sessions


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